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Minecraft XBOX 360 Edition - can't get Updates

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Hello there,

i'm new here and i'm not very familiar with the use of Aurora. A friend of mine has installed Aurora (0.7b r14422, not easy to find the number if you don't know where to search for) on my Xbox 360 two years ago and since now I did not use its capabilities. My daughter wanted to play Minecraft so i bought a second hand original game for her. But she was disappointed because there was no creative mode on it. So i started to search for information an learned, that there is an update available for minecraft to get the creative mode. But now start my problems. How to get the update for minecraft. I learned that i should be possible to get the update by the file browser from unity, but i am not sure that my friend configured my Aurora completely to be able to use updates from unity. So i found in the settings that the connection to unity was not set. As i set it, i noticed that i have no account for unity. So i made an account on xboxunity.net for me and set it up in Aurora, and clicked to get the API key. Now I hoped that i got everything to get the updates, but if I show details for Minecraft and thy to get updates, there are no updates displayed in the unity tab. I'm not deep enought in Aurora to be sure that everything is setup propperly to get that updates. And if I try to copy the files to hdd (file by file or by the script to get a GOD) the game is in trail version mode.

Could someone give me a step by step instruction, what to do to make my daughter play minecraft in creative mode, please?


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Hi, I will try to help you, first of all you need to get Horizon for PC and a USB drive. Follow these steps, go on Horizon on your PC and connect your USB drive to the program, use drive/file explorer of Horizon to select your USB drive and inject the update file that I provided below, lastly connect the USB drive to your Xbox and launch aurora, select Minecraft from there and press Y, go to Title Updates section and select/enable the title update from there. If the Update is not visible there, use Aurora's built-in file explorer and copy the update file from your USB drive to HDD1/Cache folder and try again. Hope I could help you! 

Latest title Minecraft title update file from xboxunity.net: Title Update

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Hi Ustrel, thank you for your answer, but what is Horizon and where can I get it? The rest i have understood, seems not complicated.

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12 minutes ago, MariaCHo said:

Hi Ustrel, thank you for your answer, but what is Horizon and where can I get it? The rest i have understood, seems not complicated.

Its a program for PC, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share the link here but you can find it if you google ''Horizon Xbox 360 Mod'' program logo looks like this; 


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On 6/27/2021 at 12:55 PM, Ustrel said:

Latest title Minecraft title update file from xboxunity.net: Title Update 

At http://xboxunity.net/ the latest Title Update 35 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, but this is not the most recent title update, the last Title Update 80



To play in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Creative Mode  you need:

1) You need an XBOX 360 freeboot ( JTAG/ RGH ) and an internal hard drive installed in the XBOX 360

2) Be sure to uninstall absolutely everything related to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition on your XBOX 360 Freeboot. Uninstall your Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition game + Uninstall your Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition DLC + Uninstall your Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Title Update

3)  A torrent client must be installed on your computer


Links to Pirate stuff removed. Please refrain from from publish links to Xbox 360 Games, DLC, and so forth here on Realmodscene. Next time you get banned !


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition  Title Update 80 dowloaded by Dimanchez and shared on many resources, but I see many do not indicate authorship by re-uploading content from other resources

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition completely in English


4) Installing and running the game:

You can copy the game folder from PC hdd to XBOX 360 hdd for example via USB 2.0 Flashdrive (usb fat 32 formated) using the File Manager in aurora, or like this tutor - How to copy games into Xbox360 HDD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWflqp6rw1w

Folder 584111F7 (X:\Minecraft.XBOX360.Edition.TU80.Update.Aquatic.and.74DLC\584111F7 ) with all contents should preferably be thrown onto the internal HDD xbox 360 along the path Hdd1:\Content\0000000000000000\

( It should look like this on your xbox 360 freeboot   Hdd1:\Content\0000000000000000\584111F7 )

( not like this  Hdd1:\Content\0000000000000000\Minecraft.XBOX360.Edition.TU80.Update.Aquatic.and.74DLC\584111F7 )

( not like this  Hdd1:\Games\584111F7 )

If you have Aurora :

- you don't need a unity and you don't need internet , Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition  Title Update 80  already installed in the game folder and you do not need to download from xboxunity.

Before scanning, make sure that the Aurora settings scan the path Hdd1:\Content\0000000000000000 with a scan depth of 9
Then, Aurora users scan for new games and also scan for new TUs (Title update). To do this, while in the main Aurora menu, press the Start button on the joystick to open Settings -> Content -> Manage Paths -> Scan Now - go (highlight) the Scan Now sign (Scan) and press the joystick A

! At the same time below you see such a path
\ XBOX360 \ System \ Hdd1 \ Content \ 0000000000000000 \
Script Data: [None] Scan Depth: 9

We scanned for the presence of a game, now we scan for the presence of new TUs (Title update)
Being in the same Content block, you will see Title Updates at the top and strictly under this label, click -> Scan Now - go (highlight) the Scan Now label and click on joystick A, it will open a new window "Scan Title Updates" in this window, select (highlight) Yes and press the joystick A
Aurora will restart and start scanning for new new TUs (Title update).

After scanning in Aurora - remember to manually activate Title Update 80 before launching  Minecraft XBOX360Edition.

While in the main Aurora menu, you need to hover over the MinecraftXBOX360Edition game icon, then press the "Y" (Details) on the joystick, enter the "Title Updates" menu, where "Version 80 (1.25 Gb) ", turn it on by pressing the" A "button on the joystick
After turning on the bottom left, the inscription will change, it will be "A Disable" - this means everything is turned on and press the button "B back" on the joystick.

Now we start the game. I recommend starting a new game with a new clean XBOX 360 profile .

5) How to enter Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Creative Mode:

 After starting the game, we get to the main menu of the game

it looks like this Minecraft-Xbox-360-Edition-Eng-TU80-74-D


Being in the main menu of the game, select and click "Play", after that the window "logged on to the network is not completed" can come out and in this window we select and click on "continue the game outside the network", then a window will open in it, select "Create", then click "Create a new world" (or select any ready-made world, the main thing is to select a world in the "create" window) a new window will open and in this window select (highlight, highlight) the second item "Game mode: Survival"   and press the joystick on the D-pad to the right 1 time, the inscription will change from "Game mode: Survival" to "Game mode: Creativity"  Minecraft-Xbox-360-Edition-Eng-TU80-74-D

Next, set up everything else as needed and play. There is also infa that you can create a world in Creative mode, and then load it into Survival modes.


! In the main menu of the game [XBOX360] Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition there should not be an inscription "Unlock Full Game" or "Unlock the full version", in my distributions of minecraft the games are unlocked and full.


If you do everything exactly according to what I wrote and use the material that I indicated, then everything will work out, so I clearly recorded a video in which I made everything that I wrote in this step-by-step instruction on my XBOX 360 Freeboot  https://streamtape.com/v/KZ88ebvdZ9f069j


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Wow ... I am really impressed by that detailed instruction. Thank you very much.

The problem is solved.

Thanks to Neocazen, to Ustrel and to you Dimanchez!

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