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Patching title updates into game permanently?

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Are you able you patch title updates into a game permanently?

I have a game that I can't play if I dont modify some files in the game folder(Batman Arkham Origins)

If I delete the default.xex in the game folder and rename the file sp.exe to default.xex it runs from aurora, but then I can't apply the title updates as the game files are modified.

Can I extract title updates and apply them to the game files somehow ?

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Yes, you can do it with XexTool: http://xorloser.com/blog/?p=395 and WxPirs: http://gael360.free.fr/wxPirs.php

Extract the TU with WxPirs into a seperate folder, and copy (and overwrite) all files to the game XEX folder. Then patch all .xex files if a .xexp exist of the same filename, using XeXtool in the Command-line. In the following example replace xexfile with for example "default", and repeat this for all the existing .xexp files.

xextool.exe -p xexfile.xexp -o xexfile_patched.xex -u xexfile.xex

(this will patch xexfile.xex with the patchfile xexfile.xexp and write the output to xexfile_patched.xex)

Then delete xexfile.xexp and xexfile.xex (the patch and the original), and rename xexfile_patched.xex to xexfile.xex (rename patched xex to it's original name).

This is a general tutorial, but sometimes you need to do additional things to make it work, it depends on the files inside the TU.

Remember: a general thumb of rule is to not mess with the files (not e.g. like what you mentioned with renaming sp.xex to default.xex). I'd suggest only do the above, what should work.

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