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Skyrim Version Update

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Hello everyone i have skyrim v on my xbox 360 jtag aurora  i want to play with modded save games but i get that error "this save game was created on a later version of skyrim"

so i think i need to update my skyrim or install newer version but i couldnt find any new version 1.9.x

i need help for new version full game iso for xbox 360 or update  what should i do ?

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I don't think that you will be able to update it, you will have to reinstall the latest version of the game. This is the only way which I see to fix this problem. If it were on a PC, it would be much easier, but not on a console, sadly, there are way less possibilities for modifying certain things. I had a similar problem with World of Warcraft, but on a PC though, and fixed it in a few days. I lost a very important raid because of this, and I had to take a boost from https://wowcarry.com/wow/farm-leveling/gearing to recover all the gear which I lost by missing it.


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