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An 16.5A, None HDMI console MFG 2008?

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Does someone have any idea what this could be?

MFG 2008-07, not a Service Date tag.

It has 16.5A printed on the same label, and on the label above the powerport.

It has no HDMI.

It has a Zephyr GPU heatsink.

It has edge glued CPU and GPU.

It has the Xenon power connector.

It has a BenQ DVD rom MFG 08.

It has no 256/512MB internal memory.

Chassie stamped 05.

Had no warranty reflective sticker under the faceplate more than the silver Microsoft strip, that I have cut to open the console.

LAN and AV port has some stickers residue and markings.


I can't get this console information to match anything that I know about Xbox 360.

It seems like a Serviced 2005 with MFG 2008 tag, 08 BenQ and newer MB that has the old Xenon fanpower connector and no HDMI, like an OPUS?,, but then, why 16.5A tag and power connector?

Can anyone who has more knowledge than me shed some light over this strange mix?







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