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How to CLEAR DATA (F3) or backup/recover artwork/descriptions

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This is a short tutorial showing the function: ClearData sync for GaDaBaMa 3.1.3 or higher

The main problem by doing a clear data is that it can happen that GameIds will not match the old database. This means that all folders under ..DataGameData have the wrong folder name. (Folder name = hex(ContentItemId) from ContentItems table in content.db).
So doing a backup of your GameData before clearing your data is almost useless. This means that you would have to re-download all artwork. Using this tutorial you'll save your artwork/descriptions etc.
If you can't start F3 you might try importing your database to GaDaBaMa as well. In that case overwrite your old/faulty F3 install with a new installation after the first part of this tutorial.
WHY using this method
There is of course a more simple way to backup and recover your data. But as the problem might be an assets file I decided to go all the way. Extract all content from .assets files and recreate them for the new database. On USB 3.0 for over 3500 images it just took few minutes.
Additional note: In my case it happened, that although I had disabled all Assets downloads it just started downloading them again. Therefore I recommend unplugging your Ethernet cable on your Xbox before scanning for content! You can delete all rows in HttpQueue table (content.db) to wipe out the download queue if it happens to you as well. I don't know if it was just in my case or if it is a F3 bug.
Subtitles have been added. Use this file if you would like to translate it into your language. If you upload the same video with your translation give credit where due. Otherwise I'd be happy to upload your translation to my video.

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What is specifically stored in the gamedata folder? When I changed my internal hdd I moved all files from my old hdd to the new one. But when I booted to FSD none of the games were being detected. I added paths but none of the games showed up in the library. So I deleted the FSD folder and copied in a fresh one and after that all games were detected again after I set up the paths. The main difference between the old and the new FSD folder was that the gamedata folder was about 2GB.

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Swapping HDD's is a whole different story. You should have followed >>this guide/app<<

GameData folder contains all images packed in .assets files.

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