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Aurora skin Transitions

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Hay guys what is the limitations of image transitions you can apply to an Aurora.xzp as I'm toying around with an entirely new KI.xzp skin update v2 build I'm trying to achieve. But Aurora cant handle it. 

Is there any way around this or is it because of my images.png eating at the ram what cause this to shut down. As I'm trying to do something different in a skin. As I have no changes to the other .xui files. As I'm doing the .xui files one by one & testing them to ensure there ok to jump to the next .xui file as I dont want to just quickly do everything in one hit. Just to find out it's doing this & crashes.

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I'm really unsure of the limits of what I can throw at Aurora. I'm just guessing its ram. But it's a guess.lol as I'm learning this as I go. I'm no skin or 360 coder expert in this field. I'm just trying to make the best Aurora skin I can & to be different or to give someone else ideas for there skin. So this skin thing can keep going. As I have feed of other people's awesome skin.xzp ideas & actually put them into my skin builds.

Cheers to felida for the quick breakdown tuts. As I would of been fucked & to all the other gal/guys ideas they put into there skins as it gives me ideas or a build starting point.

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