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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, this is my map progress so far. What I'm about to show is not everything in my map, just a few things I've put together. Before we start, I play survival, I don't play nor have I ever loaded creative, I think creative is too boring. Survival is more rewarding. Game Mods have been used. If the images are not loading, my server could be down. Check back later. So here we are... When you enter my world, you HAVE to pass "The Rules" hallway. You must then "Agree" or "Disagree", your choosing. Disagree may not be a pretty picture. Agree will be a pretty picture, nice cosy room, cake, open fire. The Spawn Area Anybody see the bad dog? My Minecraft Farming Facilities. Before Pressing the Harvest Leaver After... Pumpkins and Melons Farming Choose which you want to harvest... A block will rise for 1 second to lift Pumpkins or Melons and break them, Steams remain to grow more. Mushroom Farming (I built this under the Wheat farm)... Lets open the shutters... Can't see, no problem, we'll turn on some lights.... Sugar Cane Farm... Press the Harvest Button Press the Collect Button (Piston will rise to lift sugar canes) The farm breaks off the top 2 sugar canes and leaves the bottom, this is so the sugar cane grows again... usualy get 50-60 sugar canes out of about 68 (Not bad). Chicken Farming for Eggs (something is wrong, chickens are suppose to be on the top water flows but can't see, I can hear them tho) When chicken pops egg, it falls down the water flow to the collection point. Sugar canes and flowers are for display purposes only (make the place look nice) Future Farming Facility Some of the pistons/redstone in the farming facility (These are the lights for the mushroom breeding room) Farm Facilities at night time Area 51, I mean Area Dave... Secret Research Facility This is where I do testing. Out of sight, out of mind. Just a green wall with a random button, nothing to see? or is there... Now we have a crafting table, press the button again and it hides. All controlled by redstone. Lift Prototype for Hotel Dave More hidden facilities... MINECRAFT HEROBRINE... IS REAL Caged Hens... Dave's Ship Before Ice Age... After Ice Age Can't have a boat without its treasure... Diamonds and Gold... View from the top Just got to... Bridge Dave Before Ice Age... After Ice Age... Bonfire.. Before you get all, I'm racist, my dutch friend killed me in my world when I was idle for like 20 hours LOL... this was my revenge (just over 2500 wooden planks would you believe, i filled the inside and it looks small on this picture...) Tesco... Blacksmith Enchantment and Brewing Store... Trainstation, used to take up more room but I compacted it down to make room for the tesco store... Euro tunnel, I mean, Euro Dave... DO NOT LITTER ON MY WORLD.. WASTE MANAGEMENT IS PROVIDED Railway to the Secure Location (Achievement Facility) Hotel Dave... This is still a massive work in progress (6th Jan 2013) Scaffolding, Sand Held together by ladders and torches, torches and ladders held together by sand... Break the bottom block and it all falls. the Half Blocks you see will break up the sand when it lands. break the bottom block... Result, easy clean up Hotel Dave at night time (this is still a massive work in progress...) The Nether, my portal network, easy transportation across the upper world Spawn Area (Anyone see the naughty dog) More redstone work (this is at the start when you press agree/disagree) My daughter Chloe You guys are welcome to check out my world, my GT: Irish Dave Please send me a pre-message when you add me, stating x360a. Thank you
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