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Found 114 results

  1. Today I bring a skin sasuke uchiha with music i animated background, I hope you like it -------------------- Sorry for bad English https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy4icOr6fuo Skin Sasuke.rar
  2. Hello everyone I upgraded to the Dashboard, an error occurred. I tried to write original nand was, Rawflash v4 were posted, but it does not work. All he writes that no signal input. I apologize for my bad english please help me console type: Slim Cronona V2 4GB
  3. If you are already been in 3D cinema, then you want to ensure that feeling also at home. The Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 and other consoles offer exactly that. I have tested it the last few days with various games and especially with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the feeling is just much better with 3D All you need for this is a 3D capable TV , a HDMI cable 1.4 or higher and a 3D glasses (eg from the Cinema ) Almost all LG TVs support passive 3D, that means you does not require any shutter glasses and therefore you can use a regular out of the cinema. Also Philips, Samsung and other manufacturers have devices with passive 3D technology. Mostly you have then in your remote control a 3D icon. The 3D support is enabled by default. Otherwise you will find the setting in NXE - Standard Dashboard. Not all games support 3D an (incomplete) list of games with 3D support you get here http://www.3dtested.com/3d-xbox-360-games-list/ Whether your TV support 3D - active or passive features you can just try it. Start a game with 3D support and enabled 3D in the game options, your TV should switch automatically and give you a hint. Without 3D glasses the display is then blurred, you set 3D glasses on the effect should be immediately visible (in the game). * Btw. All PCs and newer graphics cards are 3D capable and you can have with a normal 3D glasses from the cinema the feeeling also at home. NVIDIA has directly in the control panel "up Stereoscopic 3D Function". For AMD / ATI I think it is a hidden option. Just try it out: thumbsup:
  4. Hi everyone! I got a jasper xbox, that someone tried to RGH1.2, but failed so i got it for cheap. After i got it i wrote the stock nand back, and removed RGH wiring, but i got an RROD after 7 seconds with the secondary error code 0022, so i checked the PLL_BYPASS area and sure enough the 10K pll bypass resistor was missing, so i replaced it with a 10K 1/4 w resistor between PLL and CPU_RST, but it still throws the same RROD. Does anyone have an idea what it could be? Maybe a dead cpu? PS: Please note that i'm sure this is not an LDV problem, becouse the stock nand worked fine, before the RGH.
  5. I have recently modded my first Corona. It was the 4gb v6. I am not having issues with booting, it works on first to second glitch every time. My issue is when the reset gets a pulse from the ACE chip, the xbox makes a high pitched sound like an old tube TV. I don't know if this is normal of the Corona, or if my reset wire may be hitting another contact. I just know I don't like high pitched sounds coming from my electronics, never been a good thing.
  6. Hello, many of us have several Xbox Devices and maybe you linked your Xboxunity account on these with Aurora. It would be nice to see a named Device List in our Profile Settings, so we can retrieve information from these devices. Possible Information - Available Xbox Profiles - Action 1: we can push and pull profiles/gamesaves from one Xbox to another, a basic Cloud) - Action 2: Transfering Assets or Aurora Skins - List of Installed Content like Games and their DLCs/TUs - Location - System Information (Aurora, Dashlaunch, Firmware, etc.) - ... This is an extension to my older Thread: Xbox Unity - The Cloud
  7. Today i had the Problem that when i search with FileZilla the Xbox completly freezes also the NXE Guide Button is not working. FileZilla - Server - Search for Data on Server After a few seconds the FTP Connection breaks and Xbox Freeze. And another thing. Searching via FTP using Windows Explorer ( Windows 7 x64 Bit ) is not doable. 1. it is only searching for Files not for Folders 2. it is not working when you search for longer names Greeds BestNoob * Edit Okay Aurora / Xbox only crashes when you search the whole system or HDD my be because of to many requests in a short time.
  8. ola, tudo bom I searched everywhere but found nothing NOT About assunto.queria Change skin Name one, i que That picture it FICA When Choosing already changed Everything OS backgrounds, music , a photo To start , I saw A gta quería if you change the name , since I tried hair notepad but When replacing the prefecture SHE DOES NOT work more , guys CAN help me por favor ? GTA V-Aurora 5b.xzp.xzp
  9. Yo, I have a small annoying issue with the FileBrowser of the Xbox Guide HUD. I upgraded my HDD from 250GB to 1TB and I copy-paste the data over the new HDD via FTP. Since then, everytime if I want to use the FileBrowser from the Xbox Guide HUD, it freeze, I can't select any drive or else BUT the console still reacts so there is an issue with the plugin or something else I don't know. Maybe I did something wrong while transfering the data over the new HDD? OR are there some incompatibillity with new HDD? Of course, the FileBrowser from Aurora works but if I install DVDs, I have to convert them to GOD... if I goto Aurora, then it will index the NXE games... as NXE... after converting NXE2GOD, Aurora will index them again as GOD and because "both" games are reffering to a valid folder, file, ... Aurora wont delete one entry of the index so I have to scan then whole Folder again and download the whole Assets again... annoying... Hope someone can help me and yeah, have a nice day AntiVirGear
  10. Hello fellow Gamers, today i encountered with some "Profile Problems". Now i want to make a suggestion which may lead to solve many Problems. We all have Profiles with gamesaves. Many of us even have several Profiles but also several Xbox Devices. These Xbox Devices often have the same Xbox Unity Account and same Content. We often want to use the same Profiles because of the Gamesaves, so we want to continue playing the games we played somewhere else before, without copying the Gamesave and without copying anything. My idea is to have a Cloud, which is already there. Xbox Unity. We get our Covers and TUs from there, we have our Friends List and with NOVA, we will be able to have Chats and Messages with them. Now this Service could need an Extension. Profile Saving into Clouds. We would be able to save our profiles into our Unity Account and load them when needed. We could have one place for gamesaves. This idea is already there. Xbox Live provides exactly this service and i really like the idea, which was really needed by me in the last days. I think this would really connect Aurora Users more with Unity. And with the upcoming Profile Management Features from Aurora 0.6b, it fills this gap of Cloud Profiles. Now this encounters us with several Problems: Safety, More Data Transfer, Cloud Memory, Host, Speed, Load Balancing etc. I don't know a solution for this, i dont know if this is possible. But i hope it will be discussed at least. Thank you for reading.
  11. Hi !! guys !! i have a problem in BAO Game !! my problem is a massage from xbox tell me : Downloadable content issue dammaged..... watch this video : what i'll do ? for fix it
  12. Hello, I have a cracked Xbox 360 with Aurora 0.3. The Aurora was installed over freestyle 3. When I download games, in which directory to copy the files to ? Guy
  13. Skin based on HR Giger size approx 60MB aurora supports version 0.5 gigerSkin.rar skin.xzp place the file in the following path: / HDD1 / Aurora / Skins Layouts includes a custom file so that the covers look smaller and you can enjoy the best aspects of skin that you can see on the third picture of the post. path: / HDD1 / Aurora / Media / Layouts[/b][/font][/size]
  14. I currently use my console to run linux. And the system is too slow for the little memory available. Any way to make it faster using the flash memory? Sorry for my bad english.
  15. Hi everyone, I Want To Make A Gta mod menu so i can finally play a mod menu whats mine. But the problemen is, i dont know How. i searched for it everywhere but couldn't find it. If you can and want to help me out thanks. Please dont post stupid reactions AND I WILL GIVE CREDIT TO THE GUY WHO'S WILLING TO HELP ME!!
  16. Hi everybody. Since I setup my X360 to use a Static IP, my Aurora doesn't download many of the game covers and It doesn't show any Title Update to download. I already forwarded the ports on my router. I've verified LiNK status and everything is ok (green). I couldn't find help anywhere!
  17. Hello again i was loking al the new stuff in aurora 0.3b and i see that we can strem trailers for the games (which is awesome) but first i didnt know how to do it then i saw the botton Stream trailer in the preview window but is not avaible in all games (im sure that no all games have trailers) but its not appear in for example alien insolation (which have 3 trailers) also a suggestion in games with more than one trailer it will be good to have a way to select which one you want to dowload or strem and a way to easyly delete trailers if you didnt like it or you need the space and im still thinking the preview Window its small and extra small in small tvs maybe 10% larger it be enough thanks for read and all the work you do and srry for my poor english
  18. I just downloaded Samurai Showdown Sen for my xbox like for a whole 2 days. Then, when I viewed it, it contained only 1 xex file, But then, when I tried to extract it, it told me to put in the password first to complete the process. I used winrar btw. I opened the Readme.txt file, which the torrent of that game also included and it said there that I had to go either of this whatever sites and get the password, which is obviously a virus that they made. So now im clueless on how to unlock this one. I tried that one app which uses brute force to crack the pass but didnt work. do you guys happen to know how to solve this?? Pleasee!!!!
  19. Hello community excuse my bad command of English , would need to know how I edit the fonts and colors of the skins , I know how to remove the skins and edit their funds but asundo sources I could not figure out how to change them, hopefully they can help me from already thank you thank you very much for all you do in this forum and what they provide.
  20. hello i always wonder why nobody has try to skin the xbox guide i guees maybe itsnt posible but i would like to try... does anyone know where are the files i should skin i guess it could be skined using xbox ui authoring tool or some other program anyway thanks for listening
  21. As the title says I have newly had my Xbox fitted with jtag. I do not have it connected to the net so it was not a problem not playing online etc. but "installing" some of my favorite games to the HDD for easy playing was a great thing. Please could someone explaine how to copy the game cover art from a usb stick so it shows on the Xbox browser. Thanks in advance some one has to of figured it out. Thanks thanks thanks
  22. I didnt found a thread about this. So i start one. Team Xecuter Fusion - called TX Fusion or Fusion FreeStyleDash 2 - called FSD or FSD2 FreeStyleDash 3 - called FSD3 or F3 Aurora - called Aurora Am i right when i say that FSD and Fusion are dead projects and no longer supported ? So Aurora is the only one thats made for the future.
  23. can i connect my cracked xbox to internet after blocking xbox live from family setting
  24. i want to make freestyle dash my default dashboard so, i am trying to do it with dashlaunch but it freezes when i open any subcatagory in path it freezes here when i open "default" or any other subcatagory in path this is my console info pls guys help
  25. I tried to update mu xbox rgh using autogg, but when i Create appears the following mensagem 11 a first time that generates a dash version is necessary to lower it.Wait for the end of process '' I confirm but get the following msg ''Dash error aborting'' help me please
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