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Found 6 results

  1. I am new to xbox modding. I got this xbox 360 from my brother. It is rgh modded console on dashboard 2.0.17148 . I was trying to install xex menu but usb won’t read it properly, I have attached photos of what’s going on. I have two xbox 360 console one is modded another is not. USB shows up properly on another console and xex menu also show up in demo sections but it doesn’t show up on modded console. Any help i can get is much appreciated. Also sorry if my English seems weird it is not my language.
  2. Hello there. Tried to set up full connectx work for my xbox. Moved all games to NAS server and to finally free my hard drive out from xbox, installed aurora on USB stick. Now having problems with freezes. Games just stuck at some point. Usually when I trying to exit game and open aurora. After saying "yes" its just freezes console. What should I check, to fix it? Usb stick(8gb) created with FATxplorer. Aurora placed right on stick and 5gb space for xbox files, with content folder and some profiles in it. Maybe I forgot something? Or I should left some more free space for system partition and e.t.c? p.s. sry for bad english
  3. Hi! I've got a x360 RGH console wnich have broken ethernet port and have no wifi so I can't connect to Ethernet. I can buy a USB wifi adapter but it's too expensive for me. I've got an idea to connect my android mobile data via USB tethering to xbox. My phone is rooted if it matters. My question is Can i do that? Does xbox have good drivers for it? If anyone know something about it, pls tell me
  4. I still trying to update an xbox360 with Xenón board and original dash 2.0.8955.0 (LT 2.0). I start trying to format an USB (usb 2.0 of 2Gb formatted from pc) but the console didnt read it (nothing in the (memorys screen), and then I plug an USB memory (the Xbox360 Kingston 16Gb memory unit) with profiles and data of other console, but didnt recognize it too (tested in all 3 ports). I tested restarting it with and without the usb, but I didnt get it. And then try to update with live connection (in the test connection to Live) but after starts, it says that have problems in the connection to Live (connected with a wire to the router and taking an automatic ip direction in the range I cinfigured in the router) Can someone help me. Thanks
  5. So this is the problem: Im trying to connect another SATA HDD to my RGH console using an USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA apapter, the case is that my console can't see my new hard drive but it shows the message box saying that a new device has been mounted in the system. I can't transfer any files to the disc or from the disc cause like said i can't see it. I tried using NTFS format at first, then FAT32 and lately restarting the box and nothing changes. Do i need to save a special or something? Thanks for your future help. And by the way the HDD it's a laptop drive, Fujitsu is the brand and 80GB is the capacity, formated to FAT32 and works on windows perfectly.
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