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Found 31 results

  1. trey

    Rgh2 UPDATE 17544

    Date: August 25, 2019 I have a RGH2 Xbox 360 slim Dash launch V3.20 Simple 360 Nand Flasher 1.2 I got on my Xbox and ninja said that the Xbox has to have a update and to use Xebuild I followed a tutorial step by step and didn't miss a step and now I get on my Xbox if I go to the the Xbox dashboard it says that I'm on a different version but if I go to dash launch it says my kernel is 17544 witch is the latest dash so I thought but as I'm writing this I was in Aurora I go over to Xbox 360 Dashboard and click this so I can say wat version it was saying im on that is different from my kernel and I click it and it goes to a black screen and I am forced to have to restart my xbox to get out of the black screen so I did and it boots in to Aurora and I still cant to go to the default dash
  2. Hi, the Utility Scripts documentation is outdated, it's from the old version of Aurora (0.6b). It would be great if some admin could update the readme so it would be more easy to create Utility Scripts
  3. Hi, guys! I can't upload my Aurora through Xbox: it always asks to upload. I must have done the whole process (download the newer version, update through Aurora) about 3 times but, every time I start Aurora, it says A newer version of Aurora is availble. Can anyone, please, help? Thanks. Peace.
  4. Hi all!! I found this in a microsoft page.... it's a update of xbox original retrocompatibility to 12/2017 (v2) anyone can "patch" them to install the update using aurora?? Thanks!!
  5. Heelo everyone, I've got WWE 2k17 with the MediaID: 3DD33488 and i can't find a fitting title update and Unity doesn't have it either. Does anyone know ehere i can find the fitting Title update? Moved from Xbox Unity forum, coz its here better in place ! Dr.Gonzo.
  6. Hello everyone, I still have FSD3 on my Xbox 360 but title updates can't be downloaded with FSD3 anymore. I downloaded some title updates manually from xboxunity onto a USB but i don't know where to install them on my xbox 360 or if i first have to unlock them somehow. Can anyone explain me how to do that?
  7. Hello guys I'm new guy in the XRgh world. I have WWE'12 game but it is russian so when I installed title update the game becomes english as I want but there is a problem that it freezes and nothing I can do just restart console. When I disable it title update, works fine.
  8. Hi all, The DashLaunch issue is part of a bigger story, but let's take it one at a time... I have a slim 360 with RGH. The DashLaunch version is 3.12. When I run the newest DashLaunch (3.18) from a USB drive it detects the older version and suggest an update, but if I press the update button everything freezes. I don't know if it's related, but a while back I had a crash of the internal storage space, and it appears on the console as unformatted storage device (any attempt to format it simply fails). I had to re-create the player profiles and use part of the USB HDD as XBOX storage to keep save files, but it holds and the console is usable. Any ideas what's causing the DashLaunch to freeze? Any other way to update the version?
  9. HI GUYS! I had a problem yesterday with my xbox 360 RGH console, I wanted to connect to Internet for getting some covers and downloading some TUs And the new 0.6b version... But when I plugged in the Ethernet cable I got an Invalid ip adress ( not like 192.168.x.x) . So,I ignored that in the ethernet° I went to x360 network settings and assigned a similar ip to this ; I And did the same to my networks bridge...... But the problem is even with a valid IP I can't connect because every time I bridge the connections the Internet is off (WIFI isn't getting internet) and when I delete the bridge the Internet is back I don't know what to do. It's not the first time I do this but this time it's different THANKS!
  10. Hello! So i've been trying to update my RGH2 Xbox 360 for the past three hours. I've created a NAND dump, transfered it to my computer and proceeded to download xebuild (2.098, to be exact). I have done some research on updating it, but i seem to have a problem with the drop down menu that lets you choose the kernel versions. It only gives me an option to create a custom version, so I go ahead and enter 17511 on the side, then click "Generate hacked image'. It doesn't go very far, because it later asks me to download the version for 2.something because some files were missing (?), which i then click continue, but it then later says that the dashfile cannot be found, and to make sure it is on the list. Please help!!!
  11. Hello. I am a new learner to modding . I got a 360 slim with dashboard 16537 and it has been rgh'ed . I was trying to update my Kernel to 17489 as I was unable to play few games which required a newer Kernel version than 16537. I tried dumping my nand through Simple 360 but whenever I try opening the flashdump on XEbuild I am getting an error stating Can't determine if it is a big or small block NAND. I am quite sure I followed the previous steps correctly but don't know why this error shows. I am attaching a screenshot so you guys can have a better understanding of my problem. Please help me out of this as I am stuck and don't know how to proceed now. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you =)
  12. Is there any way to upgrade the Indie games to a newer version? I mean the game, not the TU needed to play them. Because there are several games that I like to have the latest version. But I have no idea whether you can upgrade the game with RGH without connect to Xbox Live.
  13. hi guys. So i need a little help here. I managed to get my dashboard updated to the one just before the latest one. But my problem is my DVD drive is not responding after that. I tested to see if my drive was faulty by loading my nand dump back on and the drive worked fine. So im guessing its the flash thats causing the problems. Is there a way to fix this? Possibly without having to go through the entire flash process again. I have a corona 4Gb motherboard RGH 2. Thank you in advance for any advice on how to go about this because in order to play BO3 i need to have this dash
  14. can i got some help? :") on XellBuild after enter all the details on Requires FCRT.bin it says True in red letters, after a little look online i got the idea that i should tick the option Disable FCRT.bin check to avoid causing problems to the dvd drive after building the update to the nand. so my question is why it says True and should i disable the FCRT.bin check? since it look like my drive require it. also how could i avoid causing problem to the DVD drive?
  15. Excuse me, Can anyone upload The evil within TU #5 for MID 32232f34, The other MID already have #5, Thank you.
  16. Hi there I think is time to give Aurora a try, but i'm a F3 user with XexMenu 1.1, (versions in the screenshot) So i'm a little confused about which download is the right one to make a clean (first time) installation of Aurora 0.4b (no updates) And, if i screw up, can the normal method via Xexmenu bring me back to my old F3? [non native english user by the way] I hope anyone can point me in the right direction
  17. For this games there are no Title Updates, missing or LiNK shows that there are more/newer ones: 545407F8 - Midnight Club: LA MediaID: 5940C9DB 0 of 3 available TU 4D530919 - Halo 4 MediaID: 3034DA81 6 of 10 available TU * I open this threat because you have one for missing Covers and missing Games but not for missing TU
  18. after my xbox is cracked it is showing "A system update is required to use kinect"when i try to run any kinect game. this is a pic of my console info. guys please help
  19. I tried to update mu xbox rgh using autogg, but when i Create appears the following mensagem 11 a first time that generates a dash version is necessary to lower it.Wait for the end of process '' I confirm but get the following msg ''Dash error aborting'' help me please
  20. Hello everyone I bought this xbox hacked I want everything updated on it as in the dashboard version, kernel and everything But I don't want to attempt anything because I don't want to break it thanks everyone
  21. Hello everyone. I was trying to set up LiNK yesterday, after manually installing fsd 3 rev 775 i managed to open ports and connect to jqe360, but when i tried to access the gaming rooms i saw that there is no link icon in the guide menu. Some other forum said it may be because of the fsd plugin is not loaded. Tried loading it on my box but it just says it's not loaded. I tried deleting it and have it re-downloaded by updating. Now the REAL PROBLEM is that my console isn't showing any updates even on an older dash. (Though i get cover and title updates) What could be causing this? !!!!SOLVED!!!! Don't know how but the plugin is now loading, LiNK appears, even tough i don't know how to get in an online match. Olny tried RDR
  22. I used the software autoGG with this guide: [VIDEO] [/ VIDEO] When i did 03:52 minutes action (IP FLASH) When the commend was over the Xbox did not turn on since REBOOT .. here is communication between the remote to the Xbox but it does not fully runnes, only the middle dot on the Xbox appears .Not turn on at all, that's how it always .. connecting. (All four Remote control lights are flashing) http://up407.siz.co.il/up1/ymym50tk2fyn.jpg
  23. When I try to run certain games appears this problem. I have many games and only the last ones (Titanfall, The amazing spider man 2, Watch dogs) have this problem: WATCH DOGS game installed using this guide, and still it's not working: video=youtube;F_cn8OtC-t4]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_cn8OtC-t4 someone told me that i need to update my dashboard, but i dont know how to do that.. (and how i check my dashboard version)
  24. Hi, I understand that this question may already have posted and answered several times already. Unfortunately, I can not find the answer that will fix my problem. My system is on F3, RGH. Before, my console's time and date automatically updates whenever I hook up to LAN. I then encountered a fatal crash error several weeks back and now I never get it to auto update. I am sure I'm hooked up to the internet since game covers for my new downloads automatically updates. Please help me figure out what's wrong and how to fix this..
  25. Hi people! I'm new here. This last Friday, service returned my Xbox 360 Slim with brand new RGH. A really nice work. Everything works fine. For "everything" I mean: * 250 GB internal disk is full of games. All games work fine. * FSD 3 rev 775 responds in almost every aspect. * I have internet connection * I have JQE account and it succesfully login. * Covers update OK. Problem is with TUs updates. Example with CoD Black Ops. I select CoD BO in the library, I press "Y" to see "options" for the title. I select "TU updates" It shows me one TU. So, it is "marked" because it's the only one available. I press "Y" to download TU. And here starts the problem * The list become empty. Nothing happens. The "notification" that says "Transmitting or transferring content" (I don't know what's the word since I have my FSD in Spanish) never appears. * The dash, apparently, doesn't respond. Only options available are "A" or "B" to cancel. I press "B" but nothing happens. Finally, I press the big "XBOX logo" button in the pad and choose "FreeStyle dash" to "restart" dash and back to main menu. If I go and repeat the process with the same game, the TU is there again. So, as I said, I'm new with RGH and FSD. Thanks for your kind attention. Best regards.
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