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Found 32 results

  1. I Downloaded Lightning Returns audio DLC I Moved it Using Horizon and USB I Unlocked it with XM360 Downloaded Title Update 2 Pressed Play Game, Then Crashed! (Says Game Doesn't work) Details: PAL Version of Lightning Returns PAL Version of DLC
  2. when i click on a game - options - manage title updates - Download TUs - HDD it gets stuck ! WHY ? it have work every time and now it DONT WORK ANYMORE ( [sORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH] please help me :/
  3. hi! is there somewhere on the site that we can see the TitleUpdates's change logs? or could someone please tell me where i can actually read the change log of the last Skyrim's update (10). thanks!!
  4. Hi I have got a problem with title updates, I have fsd installed on Memory unit (cause i dont have a hdd) and im playing cod black ops 2 from my usb so when i download these title updates and activate the newest one and go to the game It says that I still have TU 0 so it doesnt read those TU's. So my question is what should I do and how? Should I download the title updates on my usb? please help PS: on my usb i have its like this Usb0:COD Black Ops 2415608C3 ...nothing else
  5. Hi there! I own an RGH Jasper Fat xbox 360, and always I try to download TU's, I can't reach speeds higher than 50KBps... most of the time, the download are between 15kBps and 30kBps. The curious is that two friend connected their RGH Jasper and Falcon Fat Xbox's at my network and they where able to reach higher speeds like 200 to 400 KBps to download the same TU's for the same game titles (CoD Black OPs II). Can anyone explain what may be the problem with my console? Additional details: . There are no specific rules on my network to my xbox console, except ports opened for LINK to work, and my console being on the DMZ (the other two where not, but I tried to change IP address from my console and noticed no changes on the download speeds). . All mentioned consoles are at the same versions (Dashlaunch 3.07, Kernel 2.0.16203, F3 Dash Version 3.0b Rev735). . All mentioned consoles were connect by ethernet cables (means it's not a wireless issue). . Checked setup on Dashlaunch and seems to be exactly the same on each console. . Made the transfer tests at the same time. . Transfer from other files like covers are much faster than the TU's (on my own console), so the problem seems to be related to TU's specifically. I hope someone can help me figure out what may be the problem and how to fix it, since it's such a pain everytime I need to download TU's directly from F3 with this performance... Thanks in advance to everyone who can give a shot trying to solve this mistery! Best regards, Apaziguador.
  6. I downloaded TU from FSD and set TU 6 active but still link says TU 0 any help is TU 6 working for you all for COD BO 2 TU 5 was working for me fine even with Flash drive but TU 6 is not working
  7. Hello, i have problem with title updates and this causing me big problems with "LiNK" . I like to play CoD Black ops 2, and i dowloaded Title updates with FD3, after that i got screen whit 5 version. so i choose version 5 active and pressed Upload TUs. In game, when i pressed system Link , it still shows u have TUs Version: 0, u need update to 5, too see other players. I tried to play with title update 0, but there was only 11 players online. I tried to install title updates on minecraft and nba2k12 also, but every time i check in game its shows i have title update: version 0 . So anybody know how to fix this problem?
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