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Found 175 results

  1. Hello RMC community. I'm selling my Falcon RJTAG due to lack of space. The console is being shipped from the United Kingdom. Therefor I'm only shipping too; Ireland, Scotland and Great Britain for free. Anywhere else will cost £20 shipping. I'm selling the console for £100 with free P&P too the UK and surrounding areas listed above. It will come with; -The console itself. -Power cable & brick. -Information Disk The console came with. -250GB HDD Payment Methods Accepted; -Paypal (If you are a trusted member within the community) -Cash by post -Bank Transfer (Recommended) -£100 Amazon gift card + £20 if you are not in the areas listed above. You can contact me via the PM system if you have any questions. Thanks, -Brad
  2. Hey guys. Esp. Swizzy. My problems keep popping just right after one is solved. So here's the deal... I updated my x360 Corona 16mb nand - Glitch 2 Freebot RGH to the latest darshboard kernel 2.0.17489 After the update, I also update my $Systemupdate/$$ystemupdate which was required for my avatars to show up and to make the kinect work. Everything needed was installed... But then, when my friend came over and made his own profile, he asked me to let him create and costumize his own avatar. I let him do so, but when he launched the Create Avatar kit whatsoever it is called, it just kept on loading with its green background playing along it... I dont know what could be the problem.. I really need your help.. anything will be greatly appreciated
  3. CoD Black ops and went 3 for Xbox 360 RGH ?
  4. Skin based on HR Giger size approx 60MB aurora supports version 0.5 gigerSkin.rar skin.xzp place the file in the following path: / HDD1 / Aurora / Skins Layouts includes a custom file so that the covers look smaller and you can enjoy the best aspects of skin that you can see on the third picture of the post. path: / HDD1 / Aurora / Media / Layouts[/b][/font][/size]
  5. Hello everyone, I'm pretty new with RGH but like what anyone else should do, i looked up Google and many other websites about my problem but i only found 1 "solution" i hope anyone can help me out on this I own a RGH Xbox360, connected to LiNK, all my settings are good, i opened, my ports i succeeded with all the tests on FS3 but when i try to join a lobby/game on Call of Duty Ghost via System Link it gives me the message "Awaiting connecting 1,2,3,4,5" then im kicked out of the joining process reading "Unable to connect to host" on my screen, i changed my DNS to Google's ( - ) the only thing i found out by searching on our world wide web is about the 30ms ping patch, do i need this to join the lobby/games on CoD Ghost? if so; could anyone be so kind to send me an URL to that file and if anyone else would be so kind to make a little tutorial about this topic, i think a lot of people are having problems with this "problem" like i said: im pretty new with this, i got common sense tho lol :-) but i pretty much dont understand what im doing wrong..ok enough about that :-D I hope someone will help me out ! RoyalFlush.
  6. I need help... I use Aurora 0.5b on my RGH Xbox and ALL my many games work perfect, except 2 of them: Monkey Island SE and Resident Evil: Revelations 2. They both are original games I bought on DVD. Here's what I do: I rip my games to my computer, using Backup Creator. Then I use Iso2God to turn the Isos to Gods. At last I use Content Manager (using FTP) to get all files where they belong on my XBox. These are the problems: Monkey Island SE: The Title ID of my game is 4C4107F8. My Xbox can't find a TU (searching XboxUnity I can only find a TU for Monkey Island 2; different ID, Xbox won't find it too). When I start the game I get to the main menu of the game. But when I try to start Part 1 or 2 I always get back to Auroras homescreen... Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Box Set): The Title ID of my game is 43430840. My Xbox won't find a TU (searching XboxUnity I find TU No. 6 with a different Title ID - 5841144C - but my Xbox won't find this TU either). When I start Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (Box Set) I'm only in demo mode... I can play 5 minutes and that's it. The game tells me to buy all episodes, which I already bought on the DVD... Has anyone experienced the same problem? Could anyone please help me?
  7. I currently use my console to run linux. And the system is too slow for the little memory available. Any way to make it faster using the flash memory? Sorry for my bad english.
  8. Hi everyone, I Want To Make A Gta mod menu so i can finally play a mod menu whats mine. But the problemen is, i dont know How. i searched for it everywhere but couldn't find it. If you can and want to help me out thanks. Please dont post stupid reactions AND I WILL GIVE CREDIT TO THE GUY WHO'S WILLING TO HELP ME!!
  9. I have MW3 installed on my retail consoles hard drive, I can no longer install the disc as it is very scratched. I am going to plug my retail hard drive into my RGH and transfer MW3 to a USB using Aurora. I am also using an offline profile to transfer the content. My question is will any data that is recognized as homebrew or unsigned code be put on my retail hard drive and put my retail at risk? I am going to clear the cache for good measure. Again I am not accessing anything except XeX Menu to Launch Aurora, then navigating to HDD1/Content/0000000000000000/415608CB in the file manager to copy it to my USB. Thanks.
  10. Just curious, I had my RGH set up and installed by someone online. Is there a definitive way to know if it has been treated to run XBOX1 backups from the HDD? As I don't know, the process, I don't know what I'm looking for. All I know is that installing via FSD's disc ripping function didn't run the game. Thanks.
  11. Hello Guys, I want to know what is the proper way to find whether the console is Rgh or a Jtag? I need to update my dashboard to 17349. I am planning to setup LiNK. So update is necessary; as Swizzy told me. Therefore, it is necessary to know the hack type for the update procedure... Available Information of Console: Xbox 360 E 250GB MFR Date 2013-11-11 Console ID: 420118961552 Board: Corona Flash: Corona Type: Glitch2 Current Kernel: 2.0.16747.0 FSD rev775 Aurora 0.5b Dashlaunch v3.15 Googled it for about 3-4 hours; no proper help aquired... Help will much be much appreciate... Thanx in advance!
  12. Who you please hand me one mpdata AW hacked rgh I am free and I can not get clothes for my character
  13. Hi there guys! new to the site and want to ask - can i use my jtag/rgh as a DLNA server to stream movies,music..... from other devices like my pc or phone using UPNP softwere/app to the video/music app on the nxe dash, not through live or something like this using the device default video/music player/app the 360 connected to internet to fsd use and live block. (im using serviio on the pc) like in this video (without the live enable) -
  14. Hello community excuse my bad command of English , would need to know how I edit the fonts and colors of the skins , I know how to remove the skins and edit their funds but asundo sources I could not figure out how to change them, hopefully they can help me from already thank you thank you very much for all you do in this forum and what they provide.
  15. Hi, Is it possible to make a backup from my game names and covers? The problem is when i install a new version of Aurora i simply delete the old Aurora folder and copy the new one on my external HDD, but then i have to change my game names all over again and change all the covers i manually changed with the Unity website. So is there a solution that i won't have to edit all the names and covers again and simply backup a file with all the information?
  16. hello i always wonder why nobody has try to skin the xbox guide i guees maybe itsnt posible but i would like to try... does anyone know where are the files i should skin i guess it could be skined using xbox ui authoring tool or some other program anyway thanks for listening
  17. As you can see in the picture, there is supposed to be text at the bottom... I tried changing my tv setting and. Aurora view settings but nothin is working! Thanks in advance!
  18. This is just the default aurora skin with an animated background and a slightly altered game title bar, everything else is stock. I'm not going to do any major work on these designs atm , maybe once these guys decide to take a break but for now i'm going to put out a couple new skins and a couple I'm going to redo from some old skins that people used to like back in the day (yea im talking FSD2 days LOL ) More.. VIDEO CLIP Sorry vid freezes in middle, xbmovie is crap lol Many thanks as always to the dev team and site staff for their outstanding work!! Enjoy, begal moonNstars(0.5b).rar
  19. I didnt found a thread about this. So i start one. Team Xecuter Fusion - called TX Fusion or Fusion FreeStyleDash 2 - called FSD or FSD2 FreeStyleDash 3 - called FSD3 or F3 Aurora - called Aurora Am i right when i say that FSD and Fusion are dead projects and no longer supported ? So Aurora is the only one thats made for the future.
  20. can i connect my cracked xbox to internet after blocking xbox live from family setting
  21. B@n!keT

    FIFA 15

    Hey guys I was updating my Kernel to play fifa 15 Can any one please tell me the least version of kernel required for FIFA 15??
  22. blakcat

    AutoGG 0.9.2

  23. This is just the default aurora skin with an animated smoke background, everything else is stock. It looks pretty cool with loads of background pics not just greens, I will make a more complex and cleaner smoke pattern for later releases, but for now it does the job I'm not going to do any major work on these designs atm as I'm already seeing hints of v5 on the boards here, maybe once these guys decide to take a break but for now i'm going to put out a couple new skins and a couple I'm going to redo from some old skins that people used to like back in the day More.. VIDEO CLIP Sorry vid freezes in middle, xbmovie is crap lol Many thanks as always to the dev team and site staff for their outstanding work!! Enjoy, begal CannAurora.rar
  24. I tried to update mu xbox rgh using autogg, but when i Create appears the following mensagem 11 a first time that generates a dash version is necessary to lower it.Wait for the end of process '' I confirm but get the following msg ''Dash error aborting'' help me please
  25. Hey guys i need help with a super rare demo: One of my friends has a super rare Saints Row 1 demo on DVD, and we want to leak this on the internet, but we dont know how, because he says that he tried a lot of metods to extract the files from the DVD, without any sucess, he also says that its all encrypted and that we need a jtag xbox to pull the files! he will soon get a jtag xbox but in the meantime i thought you guys could help us with this, i thought that maybe you guys could guide us on how to leak this rare demo! I hope you can help us!
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