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Found 43 results

  1. NisX

    No updates found

    Hi there guys, I had lot of problems with my internet connection lately (wifi) and i barely touch my xbox for like a month (different reasons), anyway now i get my internet problem fix and i connect my xbox to this new wifi connection, i try to download TU for some of the games on my libarby but on any game i try it says - no update found, already try with fresh new FSD, using default skin - still not working/same problem... i see my ip address and i can FTP, refresh covers, using fsd webui.... what can i do to fix it? - so annoying to add TU manually is it problem with my internet connection? does fsd no longer support TU downloads (since Aurora) ? pls help
  2. Hi everyone, I have problem with TU in Aurora, specifically with Unity. Unity don't see downloaded and enabled title updates. When I turn on a game that supports system link, system link wrote me red message that is available TU, but I already downloaded it. I attach pictures. When I looked in Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/Game number/000B0000 the files are exists there, cannot be problem that I have games on external harddrive in folder like Forza Motorsport 2, Mafia 2 etc and TU are in internal xbox drive in different folders sorry for my english thanx all for reply
  3. hello guys, I wonder how they are sent title updates for xbox unity, for in you 8 cod aw this now with gun game so I'm anxious to play but tu8 for my mid id was not released and others you arrived fast, please tu8 cod aw
  4. Dear comunity: This is my first post and i want to congratulate, the great jobs your doing with this page, im from Argentina... Recently, im having some problems trying to download TU in Aurora Dash 0.4, when i chose the device where i want to install TU my xbox crash, its freezes precisely, and i have to reset for bring the machine alive again... Does anybody knows if its a problem of the version?, there is a fix for this?, i know there are more peoples with this problem. I would like to thanks for your concern... greeting... Ale
  5. I would like to know if there's a way to apply title updates to games converted to GOD containers using ISO2GOD and running them from the official Microsoft dashboard.
  6. Hi i was using the new TU management (in rute secction) frist i check all my TUs (restar aurora) and then i use the delete bottom but i didnt see any diference.. all my TUs activate and deactivate ones still there what does delete option do? the only thing it do in my case, just delete my indie TU (so i cant play indies) i suggest to dont do that also i read in (i dont remmember the post) that to many activate TUs make aurora slower so it be good to add a button to deactivate all of them because in large list of games you may activate TUs and then you forgot to deactive them what do you think?
  7. Whenever I try to upload the Dragon Age Inquisition update an error appears, and I can't upload the TU1. It start to update, but 30 seconds after, the upload stops and a red message (ERROR) appears. I try to attach the same file in his tread, and an error appears too. At least I can attach the compressed tu, maybe one of the admin could upload to the xboxunity server. EDIT: Sorry, I recently read that there is a size limit in the server. The TU1's size is 283 MB, and obviously this is the problem. tu0000000e_00000000.rar
  8. Hello together, a few days ago i put on my Xbox first for a long time. I updated Aurora to 0.3b. If I download Assets, the count goes down but no Covers are shown. Aurora can´t find any Title-Updates and Link is always gray. FSD v3 finds TU´s but also can´t download Cover, it stops at 0kbs and nothing happens. My Xbox has a static IP-Adress and my Dashlaunch-Config seem good: ; if set to true, this will block the console from resolving LIVE related dns ; if not set this value will be TRUE liveblock = true ; if liveblock is set to true, this will block the console from resolving all MS related dns ; setting this to TRUE will also block apps like freestyle from accessing things like cover images ; *** note that if NO INI is present for launch.xex, this is set to TRUE ; if not set this value will be FALSE livestrong = false ; 14699+ has native http functions, but you are forced to be logged into use them ; this patch removes that restriction, set to false to disable it if you have any problems ; if not set this value will be TRUE xhttp = true Port-Forwarding for Link is also activated. Has anybody an idea what the problem could be? Thanks in advance, FREEDOM
  9. Hi! I'm using FSD3 (Great job guys, much love from Hungary) and my problem would be the following: When I go to COD:BOII in Games, I choose Title Updates, then I press Download TUs, it downloads them (pretty slowly tho, using wifi (~35kbps)), after that, I press to activate the latest (TU6), I enter the game to play multiplayer via System Link, but the SysLink panel shows me I have TU0. What I've tried so far: -Download TU6 manually, place it in Cache, and let FSD find it -> FSD didn't find it -Delete the complete Cache folder, download all TUs again -> Didn't work either -Activate TU5 -> Game still says TU0 Is it possible I have a wrong game version? Help is really appreciated, since on TU0 there's like 15-20 people only, and I'd like to play with the rest 160. Waiting for your helpful replies, Adrn_
  10. hey evertone , so i downloaded the walking dead and it said that all the episodes are installed , but when i press play on episode 2 , it crashes and go to the original xbox 360 dash. so i thought maybe i need to download tu, so i entered manage title updates , pressed y , but it said no updates found . anybody ? please help.thanks.
  11. Helloï¼ I use v775 download the TU file, sometimes download fail, the TU file is incomplet, but the FSD think this is success, and the TU not work. I had delete and redownload the TU, or I download TU from http://marketplace.jqe360.com and copy to the HDD.
  12. Hi Guys, Newbie here. Ive been using Freestyle Dash with games running from both internal and external HDD for a few years now and love the program. Have never had an issue! Unfortunately, i do now I updated through the system menu to Freestyle 3 Beta Rev 775 back a few months ago. Since then i have been unable to download any TU for games. It worked previously before i updated. Right now when i press Y to download latest TU, i choose the internal HDD or external one. It then takes me to the TU screen, where you normally would choose a TU to select. However now, it just freezes on this screen and no buttons work apart from the xbox guide button. Nothing is downloading either! I can still go through and select one of my previous games that i downloaded TU for in the old dashboard. Anyone know whats wrong or how i can fix this? Please really need to fix it as its been a pain! Appreciate any help.
  13. Hey there fellas! Have got a little problem here.. So my friends were playing Homefront today and I wanted to join them but unfortunately I had a disc, and it was not installed in my jtag. So as they were on Tu4, I couldn't find any option to download the tu from the fsd so i downloaded it from jqe MP. I tried to ftp in the tu but the folder for homefront id wasn't there. I made one, put in the TU but it didn't recognize it So all I want to ask is that, is there any way to add tu for a game, which is not installed in the xbox? because sometimes your friends are playing and the copying the iso takes up alot of time, and then they leave. Thanks ! P.s. I know how to make folders for TU's to be installed so please give me an another solution !
  14. I've been trying to find the answer to this question for years but with no luck. In FSD in the title update manager, pressing RB is supposed to upload a TU. Has anyone been able to get this to work? Also where is the TU supposed to be uploaded? When I press RB I can see FSD isn't uploading anything. I'm running a JTAG and have had the same results with every version of FSD that's had this option.
  15. Hi there! I own an RGH Jasper Fat xbox 360, and always I try to download TU's, I can't reach speeds higher than 50KBps... most of the time, the download are between 15kBps and 30kBps. The curious is that two friend connected their RGH Jasper and Falcon Fat Xbox's at my network and they where able to reach higher speeds like 200 to 400 KBps to download the same TU's for the same game titles (CoD Black OPs II). Can anyone explain what may be the problem with my console? Additional details: . There are no specific rules on my network to my xbox console, except ports opened for LINK to work, and my console being on the DMZ (the other two where not, but I tried to change IP address from my console and noticed no changes on the download speeds). . All mentioned consoles are at the same versions (Dashlaunch 3.07, Kernel 2.0.16203, F3 Dash Version 3.0b Rev735). . All mentioned consoles were connect by ethernet cables (means it's not a wireless issue). . Checked setup on Dashlaunch and seems to be exactly the same on each console. . Made the transfer tests at the same time. . Transfer from other files like covers are much faster than the TU's (on my own console), so the problem seems to be related to TU's specifically. I hope someone can help me figure out what may be the problem and how to fix it, since it's such a pain everytime I need to download TU's directly from F3 with this performance... Thanks in advance to everyone who can give a shot trying to solve this mistery! Best regards, Apaziguador.
  16. hello guys/girls...i got some problem...i cannot play some of dance game,becoz when i booting that game..got white box out say "version mismatch"any1 know how to resolve this problem?thx for helping...
  17. Hello everyone. Let´s see if you can help me. I have an Slim 4GB with RGH and actually using FSD 3.0, and except Dashlaunch everything runs from an external HDD. I was trying to play Gears Of War 3 with Link so I downloaded de TUs with de Title Updates Manager from the FSD. I couldn´t activate any of them so I deleted them, but they still appear in the FSD3DataTitle Updates. I delete de cahce memory, the TUs from the Title update Manager and even re-installed the FSD 3 but the TUs still appeared but doesn´t get active in Systema Link (it still shows TU = 0). I even have the TU on a pendrive formated with the Xbox, but nothing happens. Can anyone tell me where to finally delete those TUs to meke the dissapear???? By the way, i don´t use GODs and my games are Extracted ISOs. Also, I used an Xbox formated pendrive to put the TU in the Internal Memory but it stillshoes me TU = 0 in System Link. Please, someone help me cause it´s driving me insane!!!! Thanks in advance.
  18. What's it? It's a simple Windows tool to search for and download updates for your XBOX360 games directly from your PC (no need of XBOX Live!)) You have simply to select one or more XBOX360 ISO and the program automatically will get the Media-ID (using ABGX) and will search for the latest available update on the online database of xbuc.net. Then you'll can download it directly using this program, so without the need to open any internet browser or external programs. Installation This program does not require an installation in your PC but you need the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile. If you don't have already installed it then you can download its official Standalone Installer from here: http://www.tinyurl.com/net-framework4. To run this program just double click on .exe file. Changelog v3.0 Completely rewritten the layout of the GUI (again) Now the program's window is resizable so it can fit any screen resolution Moved all controls from buttons into menus Introduced a panel on the top for those who prefer using buttons User can choose whether to display the buttons panel Now the program saves the settings (input/output folder, buttons panel visibility and modes) and automatically reload them at next startup Source: http://www.redsquirrel87.com/XGEUw.html XGEU-3.0.rar
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