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Found 2 results

  1. Ultimative Emulator Package for Xbox360 RGH For you all: The Ultimative Emulator Package now also for the Xbox 360 😃 I searched all over the internet to find the best emulators for you. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Mirror 1# Uploaded: http://ul.to/3z39eojd Mirror 2# MEGA: https://mega.nz/file/OX5TDJbJ#9-OKLVzn7wutcH6qhwO08utL2DQF2G7A4cJ2nyqvOjE My README and a README for each Emulator is included. The normal path on your XBox360 for Emulators is \Hdd1\Emulators Emulators for following included: 3DO Emulator Capcom Play System 3 DOS Games Nintendo DS Capcom CPS-1 to 3 Cave Data East DEC and DECO Galaxian Irem MXX Kaneko 16 Konami Neo-Geo NMK16 Pacman PGM Psikyo 68EC020 & SH-2 Sega System 1 System 18 X-Board and Y-Board Super Kaneko Nova System Toaplan, Taito Sega Megadrive/Genesis Sega Master System/Game Gear NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Genesis/Megadrive N64 (Nintendo 64) Beats of Rage for Beat’em Up games Sony Playstation 1 Sony PSP Another World/Out of this World Emulator for Flashback game engine Genesis Plus GX Genesis Plus GX SNES9x Next VBA Next NEStopia FCEUmm Mednafen PCE Fast Mednafen NGP Mednafen VB Mednafen Wonderswan Prboom NX Engine (Cave Story) Tyrquake FInal Burn Alpha Gambatte MAME Emulator for point and click adventure games Sega Master System und Game Gear SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) GameBoy Advance Atari Jaguar ... and more ... If you have questions or advices, feedback whatever .. let me know ! You cannot improve, when you don´t know what to improve ^^ Have Fun BestNoob And here the Ultimative Emulator Package for PC (Windows) downloadlinks are inside the description.
  2. Minecraft Texture mods with latest Tu19 Hello, since i had many problems doing this, and i saw many people wanting this, i decided to make a tutorial. First of all, there are a lot of Tutorials around on the Internet but they seem all outdatet because everyone is talking about modding the game which isn't working properply with the new Tu. Note i don't have testet this on retrail Consoles only on Jtag/RGH. The first Texturepack i portet is Crafteryada. This is not 100% complete, i skip some Blocks and don't editet Icons jet. There are not all edited Blocks shown on the Screen I'll post the updated Version if I'm finished. Download modded Minecraft version here: (http://uploaded.net/file/utpul5gh) just extract, copy to usb and launch default.xex. Select natural texturepack and have fun. You'll need original "Natural" Texturepack for work. I don't know how to make this an standalone texturepack dlc. Things you'll need: 1. Minecraft (you can get the Trial on Digiex.net) 2. Latest Title update (Xbox Unity) 3. BMS Unpacker (http://ul.to/az7p2s5k) 4. Mincraft reimporter (http://ul.to/rk22j2uk) 5. Le Fluffie (http://ul.to/8vthqq9q) 6. XexTool (http://ul.to/ymahyi1w) 7. Photoshop or any other Picture editing Programm. 8. latest Dashlaunch 9. Texturepack for PC 10. Terrain.psd (http://ul.to/vofzphp2) 11. One original Minecraft texturepack in Content/000..... Firts, collect all files in one folder. Then open Le Fluffie. Open Minecraft File Extract Files to new Folder Also do the same with the Title update. Now you open up Xextool and select the Path to Minecraft default.xex and Titleupdate default.xexp. This files are in the Folders you extracted previously. Select an output path for the pathed Xex and klick on Patch XEX File. Now you go in the folder of the extractet Title Update and move all Files into the Folder of Minecraft. If it asks you to override to it. Now the First step is done. You have the actual Title update patchet to the Game. Take your minecraft folder put it on a USB stick and launch the default.xex. If everything is working you are ready for the next step. If Minecraft is showing up as Trial you hav to enable lictpatch in Dashlaunch!!! If everything is working lets continue. Now you have to decide which texturepack you want to create. Default is 16x16 if you want to have 32x32 i prefere editing natural Texturepack. Now go to your Minecraft Folder and search for the folder called DLC Inside is a Folder for eacht Dlc. Make a backup of the dl you want to edit. In my case the natrual Dlc, because i have this in original. Open Bms Unpacker Click on open Script and select minecraft pck unpacker.BMS in the Bms unpacker folder. Click on open Archive. Choose the x32data.pck from the folder where ou extractet the DLC. Don't choose an output folder and lick on extrackt. Make a new Folder and copy the Folder "res" and the two files "0" and "colours.col" inside Now go into the res folder and you'll find some png pictures. Terrain.png, Terrainmiplevel2, terrainmiplevel3. Make a backup of all this 3 files. Now you have to open the terrain.png in Photoshop and edit your texturepack to your liking. I you download a newer Texturepack for pc there is no terrain.png. You must go into blocks folder and copy each Block into the terrain.png. I've made a Photoshop file with layers named like Blocks so it's very easy. You can find it on the top. If you are finished you have to same the file as terrain.png in png24 format. To do so go to save for web. Choose png 24 and heck the Filesize. It must be equal or smaller than the original. Save it as terrain.png Now do this also for miplevel2 and 3 but look at dimensions and filesize. If you've replaced this 3 you are ready for reimport. Open the Mincraft reimporter Select BMS file from unpacker Select x32data.pck you have extractet earlyer Select the folder with extractet Dlc data where you editet Terrain.png Now all you have to do is replace the natrual dlc files with your files and start default.xex You have to choose the natural dlc. This is why you need the original dlc and start the game. Enjoy
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