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Found 131 results

  1. I really want to play RockBand3 with another JTAG user and there is no entry on the roomlist. Is there a way to add that room? If I cant do it myself, who do I ask to do it? RB3 via JTAG is a big deal to us as it would allow us to play CUSTOM songs over the internet!!!!!
  2. I've been trying to log into your servers to play for about 4 days now. First It was that my internet conection aparently didn't work I fixed that by changing my default DNS servers to Google public DNS after that the connection part worked like a charm. (I linked my console and tested the connection, My plugin is updated aswell devlink off pinpatch on ) But now I updated my TUs and tried to join a room and everthing is fine except the part were I close the menu to enter multiplayer and system link(in Black Ops) and nothing shows I refreshed the screen and still nothing. By the way is it possible to host tournaments? Like a MVSC 3 tournament if I were possible that would be awesome because as it happens I have a little videogame shop here in Mexico and I would like to make one that would be great for business like to have them play against each other in a eliminatory fashion and however turns out to be champ gets half my end. Thats my idea but I don't now if that is technically possible so I turn to you.
  3. Hey everybody! Anyone up for dead island riptide? I am on chapter 2 so if anyones on the same or lower chapter, tell me so i can join you to play, as this game is not fun without others since LiNK came up I am ready anytime, just post the time when you wanna play
  4. Hi all, Wondering if there are any other simulation racing enthusiasts on LiNK? Choice of games is pretty slim as for some strange reason, devs have left out System Link capability in recent titles (Forza 4, Forza Horizon, Grid 2 etc). So far, the only decent racing games I've found available on LiNK are: [*]Forza Motorsport 2 [*]DIRT 3 [*]Blur [*]F1 2012 [*]Project Gotham 4 [*]Grid Are there any others? But more importantly - who's up for a race? My favourite of the above is Forza 2 (I know it's a bit dated, but it's the best we've got on System Link!) Thanks
  5. Not a FSD Question but may be able to help others in terms of LiNK Connection Help. I've been told that SKY UK have certain applications blocked on their network (ie. P2P, UDP (LiNK) etc..) may not be all of the UK but in some regions. Why is LiNK restricted on some networks/regions is a mystery. LiNK Still works but may have issues such as "Can't host" but can "join games" ok, etc... For UK/Ireland users, Please post what broadband provider your with (and speeds) if your on ADSL, Fibre, cabled, etc.... Non-Uk/Ire please include what country your in. This may resolve some LiNK Port issues for those who can not host and may not be a router issue but a provider issue. A buddy of mine has Sky uk (ADSL @ 8meg) and is restricted by the provider. I'm on Virgin Media (UK) @ 60mb and not restricted.
  6. hey guys, Im a moba lover, I play alot of dota/2 and I would very much like to start gathering people for Gaurdians of middle earth which looks just as hardcore as Dota/2 and play on system link, please add this game to the list of supported games
  7. hi guys, i have a problem with my Link Configuration i cant even pass the TCP / UDP test, it gives FAIL. i'm connecting my xbox through WiFi and i have a permanent IP. This is a photo of my router (game or application definition) Help Please.
  8. Hi guys, sorry about my english, but i do not speak english. I have xbox 360 with Reset Glitch, i came here to question your guys if in the internet some one make any version of UMVC 3 with link support or anything like link. Or better, anyone make a "Xbox LIve JackSparrow". Thanks.
  9. Hi guys!It is possible to create a room for Halo 3: ODST on JQE360? It has system link support. Me and my mate(s) would like to play with this game.Have a nice day!
  10. Dear LiNK support and dev-team, First of all, thank you for your efforts, because even though I am having certain issues with my LiNK, most people are able to play OK, and those who are not almost instantly get help from people on this forum. Well, let's hope I will be able to proudly stand among those who have been blessed with a resolution for a LiNK problem. So, let's begin with describing the software/hardware I use and then get to the problem. I am using a Xbox 360 (thanks, captain !) phat, with Jasper motherboard (or at least I guess this is what/who Jasper is) and a glitch hack. My current dashboard version is 14719, dashlaunch - 3.05 (I updated from 3.04 hoping to solve the issue, but with no luck) with conpatch and devlink off, pingpatch on, the FSD version is, obviously, the latest one. My console is connected to a Dlink DIR-615 router via a patch cord. All ports are open, UPnP is enabled, although LiNK says that it can't find a UPnP enabled router. FSD successfully passes all connection tests in LiNK menu and is able to download covers and title updates. Well, now it's time for me to tell you the whole story. A month ago, or perhaps a little bit earlier, LiNK started experiencing connection problems. For instance, I sometimes get that "Unable to connect" message when I am trying to play that goddamn Call of Duty, just like some other people do. However, that's not the problem I am concerned about. At this point you might want to ask me a question "yo man hawsthat ya not playin cod isnt da problm?/?1/?". Well, let's put it this way: not being able to join games is only one half of my problem, the other half is not being able to find them. You see, I am always playing with my friend (whom I helped set up LiNK, which means that we had the same settings when I began experiencing problems, plus he also uses a Dlink router, which is similar to mine) and he can always see 3-4 different hosts in a room, while I can see only one (usually a host with a pretty bad ping) or none at all. I can't even find my friend's games (we both live in the same city and are connected to the same ISP). While we were playing Dead Island, I was also experiencing the same issue with not seeing my friend's host or not being able to connect to it. HOWEVER, at that time we figured out a way to solve this problem: he hosted the game, I rebooted MY console (when I say "rebooted", I mean "turned off and then on"), got back on LiNK and ta-da, I could instantly see his host. If we didn't do it this way (e.g. both of us rebooted our consoles, he hosted the game after I entered the room and so on), we couldn't establish connection. Unfortunately this "resolution" of ours doesn't work in Call of Duty. Oh and I forgot to mention that NOBODY can see my hosts, even my friend. I tried reinstalling the whole F3, but it didn't help me in any way. Man, this situation usually gets so damn awkward. I am all like "Эй, друг, пойдём поиграем", he says "Ладно, друг, пошли", aaaaand...nothing. Both of us end up being disappointed. This is even worse than attending a Pentecostal service while they are "speaking in tongues" ! Well, I hope I provided all the information you need. Patiently awaiting a reply. Best wishes, promostyle
  11. anyone know how to create a private room instead of joining the public room。I want to create a private room ,name it。not join the public room。HOW to do。
  12. Hey guys, I have this problem where I go to join people on LiNK, my RGH restarts. I have just updated to TU6 (placed it in content>0000000>tu6) and now there are very few people I can join. I have gotten in about 3 games, all on Hijacked. I posted a video on it aswell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4f7ohsFuQw
  13. yoshi

    Czech republic

    Ahojte, nešel by někdo se mnou hrát hry například CoD:BO2 nebo Gears of War 3 ?Hi, can you join me for your game ? I will play with you if you want ... just let me know in PM or on skype xxyoshixx51 ... than we can work something out (if is it spam or something, please delete this post :3 )
  14. Please, i am having a problem with the FSD 3.0 prepeared to LINK. I have 2 XBOX 360, fat with LT 3, and slim,with LT3 and RGH. When I had FSD 3.0 prepared to Xlink kai, i can play in my home network without any problem. But i can not connect to xlink kai. Now, I can Play online with the new FSD 3.0 but, i cant play in local system link with the another console, when i create an internal room, the other usr appear and when i try to connect, appear a message screan, telling me that the version of the game is not compatible, but the previos day i can play without any problem with the same games. Yesterday i test, in configuration turn of LINK, and was the same, they did not see each other. Do someone know, if are there some way to play in my home network and LINK with the same Freestyle Dashboard?. Thanks a lot.
  15. First of all great job and sorry for my English Good afternoon I wonder if anyone has been able to connect multiple consoles to share internet with each other, being connected consoles in the same room to link up and if so how? I have a game room with 8 rgh but 8 users connect to the same room to link up, I see the games for my consoles, but if I join my profiles to link any item that is in the same room "the use of host ", and connect one by one the profiles of my consoles there if I see the profiles that are on each console mia, I have them all with different ports, kernel 16197 ip's different all pass me and I have 8 users previously registered and activated http://link.jqe360.com/ in my mail, one for each console the point is that if I have 8 consoles and could create a game of 8 players in a room link-up so that users could join would be excellent, as the only way to do is to turn off the local network to link up and plugins because that way you lose the essence of the program to play online.
  16. Hello community, I would like to present you an Idea I had in relation to FS3 / LiNK. I would really love to be able to send a message to my Friends like you can do with a Wii. May it be a invitation to a game session or anything else. Just like an SMS on XBox. Sure it would be possible to create a homebrew App but that would not be the same. This feature would hav to be implemented in FS directly or as a plugin. I would suggest to put an indicator into the bottom bar whowing total count of mails and unread mails. Further I would suggest merging the system with LiNK as you are already registered there if you use networking functionality. Mails should be stored on the server and downloaded on demand. As soon as the mail is on your XBox it should be deleted from the server. As backend you could even use a simple email server using SMTP to transmit and POP3 to receive email. If you do so... What about username@link.jqe360.com This yould even make it possible to send emails to your xbox! And the send-fom on the side of the box could be like that: Username/E-Mail: Subject: Message: Where the first field would eighter be a comma separated list of users or emails or a mix of both. If there is no @ in a name it will be considered as a username and extended by "@link.jqe360.com" Probably you could also implement the firend list here... So many ideas What do you think of this suggestion? I will love to read your thoughts...
  17. Hi guys, First of all, great work on LiNK and FSD and everything. Much appreciated, and well respected! I personally own two RGH consoles, as I am a huge fan of local co-op. Recently, I added the LiNK plugin as an alternative to XBSlink, which I use for playing remotely with a friend (X-Link is unreliable for me, for some reason...) because XBSlink is a real hassle to set up sometimes. So the way I understood it - there's no way to do both, right? To play Locally and via LiNK, that is. The reason, as I understand it, being that the LiNK plugin funnels traffic from your device to an external address, that being FQE, instead of regular system link usage which is to the router and to other devices on the network. What XBSlink does is, as part of the "other devices", sit and listen for Xbox packets and THEN forwards them to the external target. So my question is - is this how it works? If so, can't it be made so that the XBox transmits the packets as is to BOTH targets (the network AND the external FQE) so that folks with more than one XBox can enjoy local play whilst on LiNK? Is there some other fix, other than unloading LiNK on both consoles, for playing local System Link again? A different question is - how do I make it so LiNK doesn't load by default? I'm more prone to play locally than online, and I'd prefer LiNK to be off by default for the time being, until it can support both local and online play. I know there's an "Always Off" setting, but it doesn't seem to re-enable local system link; only unloading the plugin does. Anyway, thanks, and keep on the EXCELLENT work!
  18. Hey guys, I was thinking about creating this for about a week and finally got around to it. In a nutshell it's just a webpage I created that graphs the amount of people who signed up on JQE360.com over every hour. As well as the amount of people signed into LiNK over every hour. Without further adieu: http://tech-tutors.net/LiNK/ My server started pulling the data today, so at 18:00:00 GMT-6 tomorrow it should be accurate. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment!
  19. Hi gang. Love the new FD3 and LiNK! But I have yet had no success in connecting. I log into Link, enter a lobby. I can see players and available games to join but every time I attempt to connect the game returns a "disconnected from host" / "failed to connect". I have tried several times with Borderlands 2 and Black Ops 2. System is a RGH fat Falcon board. Wifi connected. Latest FD3 build, Dashlaunch 3.6 Account at JQE made and system linked through settings menu Upnp enabled (while I don't have a upnp router) and ports forwarded in router and entered in settings for the plug in Ran the test successfully. TCP/IP and UDP pass, account pass, DEVLINK disabled, and PINGPATCH active TU installed (TU4 for Borderlands and TU5 I think for BO 2, whatever the most recent). While I see that DEVLINK should be DISABLED by the instructions in the plug-in, the latest tut. for Link says to enable it?? Anyone got a tip? I'm in Canada, greater toronto area. I have historically used KAI or XBSLink and these worked, but I'm dying to give the new link a spin! You guys rock, W?
  20. Hi , so i was on the 14179 dash and link was working fine . Today i updated it correctly to 16202 ( dash launch 3.05 ) and whenever i try to join a black ops 2 game it gives me "fatal crash intercepted " and it shuts down . Any help would be appreciated .
  21. Hello, I have recently been playing on LiNK and noticed that not all the lobbies which are available through this page: http://link.jqe360.com/ are visible on my Xbox. I can see the lobbies, but it says there are zero players. When I change my Xbox's selected lobby to those lobbies from my PC or Xbox I still am unable to see anyone else. Is the page just a little buggy or am I unable to play in those lobbies? Thanks for all your time! John
  22. yadabouth


    i cant see games in black ops 2, I've done port-forward and enabled ping patch and devlink but upnp is never found I've seen hundreds saying enable it and unenable and ping patch etc. I have done everything known to man I know its a beta but when I hear everyone's connecting its driving me mad i can see rooms and people through the system link app on xb guide i join the room but cant find any games through system link ive also tried it with halo wars/bo 1/halo4/borderlands1/2 so i have tried alot so please help me ?
  23. FIXED. Soent hours searching, decided to post, searched a little more and finally found my issues. For anyone else having this problem if you have xbdm.xex installed in your plug ins DELETE IT when you want to use LiNK. FSD is up to date, dashlaunch is set, JQE360 connects to server, all LiNK settings pass. But when i go to mw3 and over to system link then try to connect to LiNK all i get it the loading circle. Worked fine 3 days ago but the last 2 days it just wont load the lobbies. Haven't changed any settings at all. Tried directly connecting and have tried wireless, neither will work anymore. Any suggestions? Additional information: jqe360 cannot find my xbox location. And not sure if this is normal or not but testing my consoles connection i get Network connected Internet failed (more info says DNS server cant resolve xbl server names) Tried resetting internet and changed my ports. Links to jqe360, everything still passes, still wont load lobbies.. Just the spinning circles
  24. shizla

    i have an idea

    Hey guys, i have an idea for LiNK e.g. i crate a room, played.. and exit room. Everything is normal. But turn i crated room. Leader is other one. I mean, I need to transfer the leadership returned to his own room. Thanks
  25. dicky091

    LiNK issue

    Hi there, Just wanted to provide the heads up that there was a trial using link for Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed. While system link appears to be accessible for this game, it cannot be played without accessing live. Odd I know but definitely a clever way of bypassing the usual system link use online. Anyways just wanted to throw this info out there. Cheers
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