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Found 131 results

  1. ureeb

    Cannot find games!!!

    Hey everyone. the problem is that i start black ops 2 and then i join a room but after that the game doesn't show amy matches in the system link games section. i try to refresh by pressing the X button but it does not work. any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hey guys. I have a problem. When I hit the button "Verify" to check the LiNK connection, eveything is passing except "Data Port Reachable" and "Broadcast Port Reachable". I've fowarded (I think I have) ports 3071 and 3072. But nothing happens. Look at the screenshot, maybe some of you have this router: Also you should know the way I'm connected to the internet. Router shares the WiFi, I connect to it. Then I use cable to connect with xbox for FTP. Also that cable is providing the internet for xbox. Maybe this is the issue? Maybe I should forward ports for my laptop? My IP: Xbox IP: Thanks for reading this. Sorry for taking you time. Love, Andrew
  3. EDIT (05/22/2015): LiNKChat received a rather large update just now. I have removed the XRPC requirement, at the cost of notifications on the console. You can still enable the option, but by default it is disabled so that users don't need to have it. I also added an auto-login function so you don't have to login every time you open the app, and user tagging (double click a user's name). Updates adding web UI authentication will be coming in the next few days, but for now, enjoy the new stuff. EDIT (05/23/2015): LiNKChat received another update. It now supports web UI security so you don't need to disable your security; now it lets you log in. I also added custom rooms as a possibility, opening the ability for users to host their own private rooms. As always, get the update from the LiNKChat release page. So I doubt it will get very popular, but I figured it can't hurt to see what the community thinks of this. I know that until Nova is released, we (the community) don't have access to any form of live messaging service for LiNK users. So I have created this little baby to sort of mend that issue with LiNK until Nova is released. Let me know what you guys think. I call it LiNKChat (creative, right?). Download You can download LiNKChat from it's official site (here). Screenshots: Let's hear it guys! If you'd like to help test this project, let me know via PM or in the comments below. Thanks! ~Leumonic
  4. I didn´t found this reguest so i do it. Can you please add the feature that you can see in Aurora Dashboard how many players are actually online in a game ? As extra feature so you have a sorted list with max players online and in what for an game. I think that will motivate people to play more Multiplayer when they see there are players online.
  5. I ve tried everything i have found on internet regarding to put my Xbox Online on System LiNK :'( Now i have Aurora Pheonix i need your help guys still my System LiNK is greyed out at every game. For the test of System LiNK, Everything is passed except UPNP router detection which i thnk not a big Deal Need your help guys Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance btw P.S Sorry for my bad english i guess
  6. Hello guys! My question is exactly this: There's a plan to put Xbox Classic games to play online again on Xbox 360 on Aurora via LiNK ou NOVA? I imagine that this is not a high priority for Aurora Team right now, but i might to know if there's a possibility to do this on the future or if is possible to liberate to use the old method to play online via LiNK like was on JQE360 (where we can join in a 360 game room and use the HUD to load the "default.xbe" on the System Link Xbox Classic game)? This is the old JQE360 method that i say: https://www.youtube.com/embed/pZ4_Dirt6u0?html5=1&fs=1 (Kira135 forum member, or something like this) If not, there's a date to put this on the new NOVA? I hope so and i believe there's a lot of people that will'be joy with this! I read for several hours a lot of topics and i see that the last topic about this theme was in january/2015 and is dead. If i duplicate the topic, sorry 4 this. Thanks 4 all the work and continue like this.
  7. Hello guys!I have a problem. I want to play COD Ghosts, everything works well until I run the game and wanted to press SYSTEM LINK. I can't press it, SYSTEM LINK button is in light grey colour, so I don't know where is the problem. I'm running F3 via XeXmenu, games are on my external hard drive. LiNK test works well, everything passed, also ports, I am logged in jqe360.com on website (remember me is checked) and in F3 also, but still not working, even title updates are downloaded so I am really pissed of at the moment. Please help me fix this.Greets!
  8. For this games there are no Title Updates, missing or LiNK shows that there are more/newer ones: 545407F8 - Midnight Club: LA MediaID: 5940C9DB 0 of 3 available TU 4D530919 - Halo 4 MediaID: 3034DA81 6 of 10 available TU * I open this threat because you have one for missing Covers and missing Games but not for missing TU
  9. HawkEight360

    LiNK Access

    Hello everyone, I need help ASAP. I have TP-LINK - TL-WR740N and I need to Port forward so I can play on LiNK, The problem is when I select "Add new" this list shows up: Service port: Internal port: Ip Address: Protocol: Status: Common service port: --SELECT ONE-- I need to add Start Port [3071] and End Port [3072], What is "Service port" And "Internal port" Is it the same?
  10. Hi,I have read many tutorials on how to connect to system link. When I verify it, every thing except the last two, data port reachable and broadcast port reachable do not connect and fail. My upnp is enabled from the router and I am sure that my dashlaunch settings are perfect. I think there is some problem with the router settings. I have tried to change but still I get the same problems. Can anyone tell me the correct settings?
  11. Hello , I have the Aurora 5b, I have internet connection and I can download covers and to TU. when entering "system link" I can enter the rooms, but it does not appear any game. what can I do?
  12. Hello I wonder if its possible to delete trailers after you saw it i didnot dowload anyone yet, because the are heavy and i didnt know how to delete them if i didnt like it and a suggestion to add a button in the preview lab to let you dowload the trailer and to delete it if you want and another one to let you dowload more images also i think the size of the lab to see the preview images is too small thanks for your time and all the work you put on this and sorry for my bad english
  13. Use this thread to talk to other link players about the game. No troubleshooting. Keep the post related to black ops 3 gameplay. Tips: *the latest title update has more players usually *You can only join a game in lobby status *Helpful to refresh in find lan game *Be patient if hosting or joining *Use the game timer to let other know your waiting for more players,ex; start game countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 stop wait few seconds and repeat so others know your looking for more players Wanted to give a shout out to the 2 guys I played with today. Great game. System crashed when trying to add as friend. We were level 18 almost had all eggs complete, cept egg part! Bimbo_2015 and Carlos... good game! It's pretty hard to get going on zombies due to the fact that we can't communicate verbally or anything. Was fun to get shit done earlier tho. Helps to watch videos or read tuts before playing zombies so you know what to do. I actually used a trainer (God mode) to learn what I needed to do. Then online play is much easier!
  14. hase091

    Italian Players?

    Hi, i'm searching for some italian gamer on LiNK! is there any? --- Ciao, sto cercando giocatori italiani su LiNK! Qualcuno disponibile per una partita / organizzarne qualcuna?
  15. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Multiplayer is false recognized as Halo: Reach in System Link. In the game main menu it is correctly shown but after selecting Multiplayer it swicthed recognization to Halo: Reach Title ID: 4D5309B1 Media ID: 00394009
  16. Hello, i'm trying to find server with the system LINK and there no servers.
  17. Well, as i wrote above, Does NAT bear on link performance ? Since i keep getting a NAT strict advice on HALO reach and COD BAlck ops 2, im wondering how does nat bear on it and if there is a way to solve that. Reading some topics here i found solutions like opening ports, or set up DMZ but i've done that already. Whenever i make the test i get everything passed so its not expected to get this advice but im getting it. Thanks.
  18. ok Guys, i read a lot of topics about people having problems forwarding their ports on their routers. the big mistake you guys are doing is merging the two ports (ex : 3072,3071) in one tab, you need to create LiNK and type in it only the first port (3072) and save it then you need to create LiNK2 and type only the port (3071) Then you choose your IP and assign the LiNK and the LiNK2 to it. THe Settings In the pictures are for THOMSON ROUTERS if any help is needed contact me please.
  19. Hello Everyone! As the title says, I can't play on system link. I am using a shared network with my pc. I followed the tutorial here: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/3848-tuthow-to-setup-aurora-with-system-link/ I followed every step there but when I do the verification on the aurora settings it gets pass on everything except the last two port checks where It can't reach the port. I have made a static IP, and enabled the UPnP as shown here: And opened ports (virtual servers) like so: Although I see other players in the rooms of the system link, I can't see no games or matches in any game I tried (C.O.D BO/BO2, Modern Warfare 2). I would be really glad if someone could help me as I really want to play online. Thank you!!!
  20. Everyone's welcome but, would prefer people with mics that speak english. My gamertag is MILFHUNTERO6. I would like to see a online community on Link.Maybe Team FSD will create a msg service and make Link even more awesome!! Hope to get to play with some of ya.
  21. Hi I am using aurora 0.5b system linked and everything is working fine when i enter to lobby i can suceesfully join room i then remain at game room i wait nothing happens or i dont know what should i do on call of duty black ops 2 i am totally noob help
  22. Hey guys, I really need Help quick.So i have Freestyle dash 3. And i updated it and then installed TU for BO2 but when i run the game(or any game) and press guide button to start LiNK it says "Plugin Update Required to connect to LiNK" but i already have updated. Plz Help quick.
  23. I can not play in the system link are connected but does not show the rooms
  24. Hi I have tried to get on link and Everything Passes but When I go on a game The system Link Icon is blanked out I am using FSD V3 Rev 775 I have also tried aurora 4.0B But it seems not to work I have tried these things Multiple times: Reboot My xbox Unplug My power Brick Refresh My router Use Aurora Port forward again Re Link My Unity Account These Still Dont fix the solution I have provided pictures below Please someone Help
  25. it is possible to better link the servers ? How They Work? I have a fast internet but likewise Some players live with leag in my departure , the problem is with me ? if the problem with me WHAT I do?
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