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Found 131 results

  1. Hello, Trying to follow this tutorial , i am facing the problem that there is no plugins option inside the settings (please see the attached video). The dashlaunch does not have any plugin that may be conflicting, and my Aurora installation is new from the scratch. As long as I cannot configure plugins, the "System link" option in the xbox guide appears greyed out Thanks in advance, Roger VID_20200126_232458.mp4
  2. I used to be able to connect to LiNK from the aurora xbox guide menu (the one that shows up when you press the home button), The next day when i logged on to play link, the aurora guide menu didnt show up and i cannot connect to link. My Unity ID is signed in and i even tried reinstalling Aurora, it didnt seem to work out anyone got a fix for this?
  3. Hi , are you guys aware that Xbox unity ( sys link ) are broke asf !? , I can connect to link and when i do it disconnected me Everytime , also when i use xboxunity.net or realmodscene site
  4. I am trying to use LiNK through Aurora, but Port Forwarding functions always fail. I have set UPnP enabled on my router and the ports 3072 & 3071 are seemed to enabled and are picked up by upnp but the LiNK test still shows failure. Another question are these requirements enough for me to play on LiNK smoothly.. I have an internet connection of 2MBPS, somehow Downloading speed on average remains around 200kbps. Is it enough to let me play on LiNK with minimum lag?
  5. Game error reporting Error Unable to join game session 其他游戏也是如此。 我的地区是中国。网络中国电信 我的英文很差
  6. Hello, im looking for players to play cod bo2 zombies with me Iwanna have fun idont need those greedy wanna be pro like players and thanks :) Intrested? Contact me on discord @CloudyMiro#4233
  7. Does anyone have the link of this tool for me, or have they installed on the pc to share? I do not know but is it my impression or is this the ellipse?
  8. Hello everone, When i start up Call of duty Black ops 2 zombies and open Link it doesn't find any zombie players. Multiplayer works fine but zombies doesn't. And it's not that i am having bad luck at finding people because it happens everytime at different moments of the day and i even can't ever find anyone when i join a specific zombie lobby. Is there a way to fix this?
  9. Hello everyone, My Xbox 360 doesn't have a connection with Link or internet even though it worked perfectly fine yesterday. How can i fix this?
  10. im new to this world ... so when i play black ops 2 on system link i always get a connection problems why ? and how can i know the PING rate ? sorry for my English !
  11. World chat to find a people why ready play Xbox 360 System Link right now. We are few, but we are looking for you^^ every person is important. I know a couple chats in Discord, discord good platform for pc, But this is not the concept for Connecting people from all over the world to find a teammates . and other reason is 5 mb file limit in Discord. Join us, yr Welcome^^ https://t.me/xboxunity
  12. Please add Virtual-On ti link in Aruora. Its a system link compatible(XBLA) game but not active on link. Edit: Please don`t perform double postings. If you want add more information, please edit your last Posting ! Dr.Gonzo.
  13. Thors

    Xbox classic.

    Hello! I have a quick question. Is there any possible way to play xbox original games via system link? I mean like the Aurora/FSD one, not cables or local. I'm almost certain it's not but a the older brother of a friend says that he used to play them on link. Is that even possible?I know this is probably a dumb question but please let me know for sure.
  14. For everyone who cant find any players because of not reaching with a topic here. I created a Telegram group, If you want to join, just search for Link Group at the Telegram app or follow this link https://t.me/joinchat/B0kghUSENrQWw-zSO18Nrw Here is a link to the app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details… I also created a Whatsappgroup, you can follow this Link or PN me with your mobile phonenumber, so I can add you Link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/5X3u4vO29WPF3MjTUdwJH
  15. So i was playing call of duty:black ops 2 when it said connection interrupted or something like that and it quit from the game (not from cod but like the game session) and when i tried loading system link again it just kept loading and didnt do anyithing else (sidenote:on user info it sais not available) i have latest TU and it passes all of the requierments when verifying link settings. Since it quit from that session it doesnt want to load. I am using aurora 0.6b most of the time but use 0.5b for system link. I have no idea whats causing this and i would like some help
  16. Hi there, this simple Script is providing a service of Xboxunity straight onto your console. Script: Icon: Name: Unity Friends Description: "See Unity Friends who are active" (Currently, TBD) What is planned: - List all Friends who are Online - Use Services from Unity -- Block, Add, Mail? - TBA ... Why did i create this?: I wanted to see, if my friends are Online and playing a Game. So i can Join and surprise. ... What are the benefits?: - See who of your friends are online. ... Is it final?: Currently, it's more a concept. (See below) Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. What prevents its release?: - The Scripts can only do GET-Requests. - Xboxunity does have a Login and works with the API Key and a PHP-Session. We can't use a PHP-Session or a Cookie yet. I don't know if it will ever happen. - We can't retrieve the needed Information or Services with the API Key and the current "API" - It would be nice, if we could "get" the API Key from Aurora, if available. Otherwise, we would need a Login (at least, once) -- When using API Key, i need to consider security also. ... Where is the download?: Depends on finding solution to the Limitations. But once it's available, you can download it directly to your console via Aurora Repo Browser.
  17. Hi there, this simple Script is providing a service of Xboxunity straight onto your Console. Script: Icon: Name: Unity LiNK Info Description: "Get LiNK Info straight from Unity" What it does: - Gets all LiNK-Compatible Games and provides you a menu to navigate through the whole Title List. - Lists all available Rooms per Title - Lists all current Users per Room - Displays User Information - Displays Title or Room Information, if there are no Players at all ... Why did i create this?: When I'm on my console, i didn't want to use a second device/application, to get all the information of the current played games. I also didn't want to start each game, sign in to LiNK and check the Rooms for its players. I just wanted to have a quick overview of all LiNK compatible Games. I wanted to search for active Players and Games. ... What are the benefits?: - Quick Overview of all LiNK Compatible Games, Rooms and Players directly on Console, without use of third device/software and loosing time - Better Games, Rooms and Match-Finding. - More Players on different Games, because of a better Overview of "waiting" Players and open Rooms. - Better Support for the community ("I see, you are using the wrong Title update") ... Is it final?: It's a stable Version. It is not perfect, but there was some limitation. For a "Quick Overview" it's good enough. I planned custom Gizmo stuff for this one. Also the Unity API could change. If so, this script needs to be updated or it will be deprecated. Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. Where is the download?: With the Aurora Script Repo, you can download it directly to your console.
  18. hi, First: Sorry for my bad english. i hope u can understand my Problems. i have installed Aurora 0.6 and everthing works perfecly. It download the GamesCovers (like my first Dash FSD 3). But when i download TU´s it will Show nothing (only the Install Path). Also when i will Play (Black Ops 3) in System link, i press system link on the guide. Then my xbox shutdown immidiently. I logged in with my Unity ACC (no Problem) and everything passed on LiNK test. i activate the portforwarding and Extendet Host fo my xbox IP adress. i checked with Dashlunch the settinges. but no success... please help my :-) Greetings for Germany
  19. when i want to play single aurora works fine, but when i press system link it just stuck when apears message in bottom "New feed data has been downloaded... initializing" ... some one know what's the problem? Thread moved from Requests and Suggestions to Aurora support Subforum ! Dr.Gonzo
  20. I think a automatic LiNK join option would be nice. So that you automaticly can join rooms when you start a game.
  21. I have Halo 4 MediaID : 3034DA81 there for its TU 6 or less available. Halo 3 MediaID : 38EE4C8B Halo CE Anniversary MediaID : 00394009 Maybe also for other games : Unreal Tournament 3 , CoD Advanced Warfare
  22. Hi, has anyone tried to sign up for link with a recent comcast/xfinity router? I have port fowarding but its asking for a ipv4 address and i dont know what that address is for link. I also have port triggering which looks like fowarding but that didnt work when i put in the info.
  23. ureeb

    Cannot find games!!!

    Hey everyone. the problem is that i start black ops 2 and then i join a room but after that the game doesn't show amy matches in the system link games section. i try to refresh by pressing the X button but it does not work. any help would be appreciated.
  24. Hey guys. I have a problem. When I hit the button "Verify" to check the LiNK connection, eveything is passing except "Data Port Reachable" and "Broadcast Port Reachable". I've fowarded (I think I have) ports 3071 and 3072. But nothing happens. Look at the screenshot, maybe some of you have this router: Also you should know the way I'm connected to the internet. Router shares the WiFi, I connect to it. Then I use cable to connect with xbox for FTP. Also that cable is providing the internet for xbox. Maybe this is the issue? Maybe I should forward ports for my laptop? My IP: Xbox IP: Thanks for reading this. Sorry for taking you time. Love, Andrew
  25. I didn´t found this reguest so i do it. Can you please add the feature that you can see in Aurora Dashboard how many players are actually online in a game ? As extra feature so you have a sorted list with max players online and in what for an game. I think that will motivate people to play more Multiplayer when they see there are players online.
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