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Found 65 results

  1. Brought to you by albert_dark. A tool to help FSD load faster if you use alphabetical game lists.
  2. Before you download a nice new theme from spiffy360.com or wherever you find a nice one be sure to check that the theme was made for your current version of FSD. Once you have checked that and made sure that it is compatible go ahead and download the theme. If it's a .zip or .rar then extract it and you will either end up with a .xzp file or a folder with many files in it, FTP it over to the "Skins" folder in FSD on your JTAG. So you now should have a newskin.xzp or newskin folder in your Skins folder. Reboot FSD and go into your skins tab in the Utilities section of FSD, apply your new theme and FSD will reboot and apply it for you. Enjoy your new theme
  3. Dear LiNK support and dev-team, First of all, thank you for your efforts, because even though I am having certain issues with my LiNK, most people are able to play OK, and those who are not almost instantly get help from people on this forum. Well, let's hope I will be able to proudly stand among those who have been blessed with a resolution for a LiNK problem. So, let's begin with describing the software/hardware I use and then get to the problem. I am using a Xbox 360 (thanks, captain !) phat, with Jasper motherboard (or at least I guess this is what/who Jasper is) and a glitch hack. My current dashboard version is 14719, dashlaunch - 3.05 (I updated from 3.04 hoping to solve the issue, but with no luck) with conpatch and devlink off, pingpatch on, the FSD version is, obviously, the latest one. My console is connected to a Dlink DIR-615 router via a patch cord. All ports are open, UPnP is enabled, although LiNK says that it can't find a UPnP enabled router. FSD successfully passes all connection tests in LiNK menu and is able to download covers and title updates. Well, now it's time for me to tell you the whole story. A month ago, or perhaps a little bit earlier, LiNK started experiencing connection problems. For instance, I sometimes get that "Unable to connect" message when I am trying to play that goddamn Call of Duty, just like some other people do. However, that's not the problem I am concerned about. At this point you might want to ask me a question "yo man hawsthat ya not playin cod isnt da problm?/?1/?". Well, let's put it this way: not being able to join games is only one half of my problem, the other half is not being able to find them. You see, I am always playing with my friend (whom I helped set up LiNK, which means that we had the same settings when I began experiencing problems, plus he also uses a Dlink router, which is similar to mine) and he can always see 3-4 different hosts in a room, while I can see only one (usually a host with a pretty bad ping) or none at all. I can't even find my friend's games (we both live in the same city and are connected to the same ISP). While we were playing Dead Island, I was also experiencing the same issue with not seeing my friend's host or not being able to connect to it. HOWEVER, at that time we figured out a way to solve this problem: he hosted the game, I rebooted MY console (when I say "rebooted", I mean "turned off and then on"), got back on LiNK and ta-da, I could instantly see his host. If we didn't do it this way (e.g. both of us rebooted our consoles, he hosted the game after I entered the room and so on), we couldn't establish connection. Unfortunately this "resolution" of ours doesn't work in Call of Duty. Oh and I forgot to mention that NOBODY can see my hosts, even my friend. I tried reinstalling the whole F3, but it didn't help me in any way. Man, this situation usually gets so damn awkward. I am all like "Эй, друг, пойдём поиграем", he says "Ладно, друг, пошли", aaaaand...nothing. Both of us end up being disappointed. This is even worse than attending a Pentecostal service while they are "speaking in tongues" ! Well, I hope I provided all the information you need. Patiently awaiting a reply. Best wishes, promostyle
  4. yoshi

    Czech republic

    Ahojte, nešel by někdo se mnou hrát hry například CoD:BO2 nebo Gears of War 3 ?Hi, can you join me for your game ? I will play with you if you want ... just let me know in PM or on skype xxyoshixx51 ... than we can work something out (if is it spam or something, please delete this post :3 )
  5. I've recently RGH'ed my Trinity XBox360 4GB console with 250GB external HDD. I am able to play GOD games in FSD (I use F3), but two black bars come on top and bottom of my TV (It's a really old 21" CRT TV ....which my parents won't allow me to change for a HDTV ). So, plz tell me if there is any way to get FSD working in fullscreen (like the DASHBOARD!). And if not possible, can I run GOD games from external HDD in the XBox360 DASHBOARD?? Plz Help.....(nd I have already googled and searched the entire forum with only 1 common thread....that too was very unclear and was unable to help me....so plz Help) Thanks, AdilDSW.
  6. hi all! i need help on skinning FSD3.. i want to learn how to change the position of my icons and other content on-screen in FSD skins. What file do i have to edit to choose the on-screen position of my icons? is it the ''config.html'' file? or maybe the ''index.html'' file ? ..anyway... ..hope someone can help me to know more about skinning! (by the way i use: XZPtool, EditPlus, photoshop, and some other tools..) -Peace.
  7. Hi guys, I recently bough a xbox and i am using the FSD 3.0, and everything goes fine... There is just one problem my TV is SD, so my screen gets 2 big bars black bars one up and another down... so menus on FSD and subtitles on games are almoust impossible to read, and even the graphics look a bit more messy for dont be in the correct resolution =(. anyone know how to fix the HD resolution to SD resolution ?
  8. shizla

    i have an idea

    Hey guys, i have an idea for LiNK e.g. i crate a room, played.. and exit room. Everything is normal. But turn i crated room. Leader is other one. I mean, I need to transfer the leadership returned to his own room. Thanks
  9. How to Wirelessly FTP your WIFI enabled Phat or Slim 360 with Freestyle Dash Written by Gangrel_1313 @ http://RealModScene.com First log into NXE, Go to SETTINGS, Click on SYSTEM Next click NETWORK SETTINGS Then on the Available Networks screen, click ADVANCED OPTIONS Next click CREATE A AD-HOC NETWORK Create the SSID (name) of your network using the on-screen keyboard, we'll use XBXFSD for this tutorial, but you can use anything. Next at the EDIT AD-HOC WIRELESS SETTINGS screen, you can add WIRELESS SECURITY and modify 802.11 NETWORK TYPE, which is optional, for this tutorial I'm just leaving settings as default (no security), then click Done. You will automatically connect the Xbox to the AD-HOC Network (NOTE: it shows no bars until you connect your PC to the connection, once connected it will show signal strength) Leave your Xbox on that screen, Now with your wireless PC (i'm using Windows 7), click the signal bar on your task bar to bring up wireless connections.. Search for the SSID you created, in this case XBXFSD and connect. (NOTE: if you used security when setting up the AD-HOC network on the xbox, you will be prompted for the password you created) You may have to wait a minute or so to aquire a IP address for the console, now press the globe on the Xbox controller and click FREESTYLE HOME (or XBOX HOME). Then Click YES when prompted. Now back on the Freestyle Dashboard, you should see your aquired IP address (Mine was, yours may be different) (NOTE: if you dont see your top and bottom bars, click right analog stick to make them appear). Now you have different options for transferring files, if you use Windows, you can use Windows Explorer by clicking MY COMPUTER and entering this into the address bar: ftp://xbox:xbox@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (X's replaced with the IP you obtained, xbox is default FTP login/password credentials on FSD) Then click enter and it should connect to the Xbox's FTP server, then you can browse the directories and transfer files from PC to the XBOX. Another FTP method is with your favorite FTP clients (I use Filezilla), just type the IP address in the server box and Xbox in Username and Xbox in Password box and connect. That's all, Thanks for reading my tutorial, you can contact me if you have problems or dont understand something, I'm gangrel_1313 on http://RealModScene.com You can download this tutorial in PDF form (Attached to post), it includes images. How to Wirelessly FTP your WIFI enabled Phat or Slim 360 with Freestyle Dash.pdf
  10. can't enter web ui 192.168.xxx.xxx.:9999 it keeps asking me for user and pass, even y disable HTTP autheticaion and set my own user and password, tried fsdhttp (prevoiously worked like that, bue i forgot that user/pass and tried my own, now nothing works) i can enter 192.186.xxx.xxx:80 which is the regular http server for things like, setting the games covers y tried: - fsdhttp (user/pass) - restarting fsd - restarting the console - cleaning browser chache (chrome) - iexplorer - opened 9999 port nothing.. user/pass box keeps popping
  11. JQE

    TeamFSD Forums

    TeamFSD.com is no more The teamfsd.com domain is controlled by someone who was on the team and is no longer in contact with us. At this point we have no way of contacting that individual. I assure you TeamFSD is still doing what we do best and some exciting stuff will be coming from us soon. Do not ask about RxE that is not what this post is about. This is going to now be the official support forums for FSD from this point forward. Stay tuned and watch this location for more news to come.
  12. Quick and Dirty connectx Guide. There's not much to this process so this will be fairly short and sweet and very much to the point. Once you've obtained the connectx file and have patched it as instructed you'll need do follow a few steps to get things working on the PC/Server side of things. First off, this is for Windows 7, the other windows Operating Systems should be more or less about the same steps. Step 1) Hopefully you know your user name, if not hitting the Windows Key + R, or clicking Start, Run will bring you to a run dialog, in this box type “cmd” and press Enter. You should see a black box with some text in it, doesn't really matter what the text says right now. You will want to enter one of the following two commands hostname whoami Depending on which you ran you should get the the login information you will need to enter into your 360. As you can see here, C:\Users\**********\ is the user name I use to log into my pc, running hostname will give you the name of your pc. AS with whoami, it'll give you the information in the format of computername\user. Now, we need to setup a share. It doesn't matter where you have your files, it doesn't matter what it's named, find the folder YOU keep all of your extracted 360 games, in my case it's just my E: drive. Right click the folder you have your games and what not in and select Properties. Once in properties, we want to pick the Sharing Tab. Mine looks a bit different than yours does right now because I've already gone through this, but the guidelines are the same. Hit the Advanced Sharing button. Once the Advanced Sharing dialog pops up you will want to tick the checkbox for “Share this folder” Pay close attention to what you have listed in the box under “Share name” THIS is what you''re going to be entering into FSD for the share path, I've simply put E, now hit Apply. This should give you all the information you will need to enter into FSD to get connectx working. Have fun.
  13. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=MymOFqanFII MIGRATE FROM FSD2 TO F3 - IMPORTANT REORGANIZE DATABASE - IMPORTANT SAMBA FILES 32/64bit Manuals Changelog Infos GaDaBaMa_2_2_1.rar
  14. Hello. I just finished my console today... theres something bothering me. I have a little demon in my house... "my son" i dont want my son to delete games or mess up my xbox... is there any protection for the xbox? something like lock the player in the games list or something like that? or maybe for everything(out from starting games), ask for a password. Any help will be appreciated.
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