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Found 40 results

  1. Please help.... ive got the first 3 dlc's for call of duty black ops on my jtag and they run beautifully... but the 4th and 5th are not working....i used horizon to inject them into my system and i am running on tu 11 which as far as i know and have seen on xboxunity.net it is the latest tu for the game....any help or suggestions would be great Thanx guys
  2. Hello, Anyone has an idea where to find the two dlcs for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel? thx
  3. I'm new with this JTAG thing and I need some help with these stuff. I'm using an external hard drive to store my games, I'm using a transcend one, not the XBOX HDD. -How to I upload DLC content to my games, COD Advanced Warfare, GTA 5 -How do I update my roster for NBA 2K15 -How do I get the avatar like in this one. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/774-the-dream-theme-v24-for-f3-rev775/ Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. Hello I came up whit this idea as you say that isnot possible to add Dlc To unity database (for legal issues) which is complete understandable to add a list of all dlc of the game, and highlight in green (or somehow) the dlc if you have it like the achievements what dou you think? xD
  5. hello! i install this DLC for COD Ghosts: Onslaught Devastation Invasion Free Fall and i install 1 & 2 compatibility packs. and season pass. i see the maps but i can't access to the DLC weapons... how do i do that? thanks guys!
  6. aviaviv

    Black ops I DLC

    hey everyone, so i checked some videos in youtube of the black ops I DLC before many time but i still cant find the file to download them for my Jtag. So, can someone pls send me those files? It will be very appreaciated. BTW, i know to download them to xbox, just copy the link here to the files.
  7. Hey guys, I really need help... I downloaded nuketown zombies (COD Zombies DLC) and I saw I need the latest TU and it was 18 but It wasn't able to be downloaded from the xbox (in manage title updated). Then, I downloaded it from JQE360 web site, still not working (and I scanned it and unlocked the DLC!). Then I deleted it... Some days after, it was able in Manage title update. I downloaded it WHOLE of my DLC not working on TU 18, only in 17! I deleted it from the system settings, file manager... What can I do? Pls I need answer...
  8. This may be quite easy or obvious to figure out but I haven't yet and can't seem to find it anywhere though I think I've seen somthing on this here. Anyways I have reach working fine except for ALL the DLC maps. A majority I think have the spanish versions of the maps (as I see them playing them) but I thought I got the region free ones (every once in a great while I see someone in the same boat as we can actually systemlink them but with 95% of everyone I can't)?? Only other thing I can think is my XEX is the Lord Zedd latest blue flames (plus the other couple files that needed changing to get it to work). I'd like there to be a simple solution and mabey I'm missing somthing. I've unlocked the only one of the map packs that shows up to be unlocked in the unlocker program. I'd also like to keep the ability to use the maps from Asenssion and the awesome people that have built them as they work fine now but whats up with my dlc and linking to the majority???? any help would be greatly appriciated.
  9. Hi, I really hope you can help me with this. I just recently installed fsd, downloaded some games from my brother´s hdd to my external hdd, I downloaded some dlc for black ops 2 and ran xm360, unlocked them. But is says No matching title is in the database. And when I try to open the game for more than one player it says fatal crash intercepted. I even reinstalled the game twice and erased my dlc and installed the ones that work for my brother. My brother paid for this to be done so he knows nothing and cannot help me. The only difference I noticed is that I have this 4gb xbox with an external hdd, and his is internal. The thing is I am stuck after this. Maybe I missed some step. Hope someone can help me! I have also placed the Tu on the cache. tnks
  10. I Downloaded Lightning Returns audio DLC I Moved it Using Horizon and USB I Unlocked it with XM360 Downloaded Title Update 2 Pressed Play Game, Then Crashed! (Says Game Doesn't work) Details: PAL Version of Lightning Returns PAL Version of DLC
  11. hey the next version of the Freestyle releases a chat and something that we can download DLC equal when we got down the Covers or TU
  12. i have a corona RGH box and i have a few game discs such as Battlefield 3 and MOH Warfighter which ask me if i'd like to install HD content. upon reading online, i believe this is referred to as DLC (downloadable content- i'm writing out not to teach but to allow someone to correct me if needed). when i click yes and choose my hard drive, it says it's full. i read online that it needs to be installed as DLC in the appropriate game folder, thanks to some nice guides out there. my question is, is there a way to install the DLC directly from the disc in the appropriate folder?
  13. AleXXXv1

    Content folder

    How to configure the dashboard to all the DLC were taken from a specified folder? Written anywhere that DLC need to download a hdd :/ content/0000000000000000 but I have no hdd, I have only folders: Flash, Game, OnBoardMU, SysExt, Usb0, USBMU0, USBMUCache0. I have a Content folder in the OnBoardMU, SysExt, Usb0 Xbox360 (partition created XBox 360 for the saves). I tried to throw off DLC in all Content folders, all useless.
  14. Since I've update Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 TU#12 I'm unable to view or play DLC Maps in game. Can Anyone Help Me. Also If somebody can provide me good source or torrent for Max Payne 2: Fall of Max Payne & Grand Theft Auto San Andrea for Xbox 360 (Jtagged) #WFQ
  15. Hey community, i'm new here and glad to be here great forum ! I have found it at my way to update my FreestyleDash. I had version 2.2, a friend has made me my JTAG Box. Now, i have updated my Xbox to Version 3 rev735 and as good as anything works. I have not used DLC until now. I have read a many tutorials and i think i have done all right... There are two DLC for MetalGearSolid Rising. There are unlocked and region free. The game and DLC. The game has the newest TU, downloaded in the F3. And it is active. I have try to download it manually but it has not changed. This is the directory where the DLC's are: "OnBoardMUContent00000000000000004B4E080A00000002" I must have done something wrong, but i dont know what. I hope anything else can help me. greetings
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