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Found 39 results

  1. I am a noob to RGH and i have followed all instructions to the best of my ability and my dlc is still not showing up meaning IN GAME (its perfectly visible in the folders. What i dont understand is why will the content not show up on all these pre installed games I have on here. I have refreshed in xm 360 and pressed unlock all dlc so why would none of it be working for pre installed games. I am going to use wwe 2k16 as an example to illustrate my issue. I really want to play the wwe legends mod for 2k14 which is the main reason I got this box. Trying to install that mod is what made me discover this issue and makes me think either I'm just making a dumb mistake somewhere or that this is bigger than me being a noob. If any one can shed some light on this to help me I would appreciate it as I have been at this for 2 weeks now and unable to get any resolution. I can provide screenshots of my pathways as well so that my layouts can be seen to make sure things are setup correctly which I believe they are. Thank you for your help in advance
  2. Fallout 3 GOTY Disc 1 works perfectly as an XEX, and I extracted Disc 2, and changed the folder name to the content/0.....0/title ID/0....2, and put in the DLC. I've also tried doing this with DLC downloaded separately. Installed latest TU from xboxunity(Aurora). The DLC shows up when I look in system settings, it shows up when I look at details of Fallout 3 in Aurora. But it doesn't show up in XM360. When I start up Disc 1, I get the message 'Loading Extra Content', but when I start the game, I don't see any DLC content, and I played enough to where I am supposed to see the DLC? Any Help. Thx
  3. So I was trying to install Fifa 18 dlc (Live roster update) I downloaded it and was trying to install it , but I can't find the folder where I could install it in the content folder. So I created a folder with the game title I'd and I put the dlc in the 00000002 folder. But my Xbox shows that there is no dlc , I have tried both in fsd and Aurora, but the dlc is not showing up. Is there problem with dlc or something else? _Please help_
  4. Hello, I have a website with custom textures for minecraft rgh, all are created content, not commercialized content, so you can download to play on your xbox 360 rgh. You can find different textures and skins packs in addition to extra content, without promoting piracy. As an example my texture of PUBG CRAFT with aspects of the game battle royale, it has new features : https://www.mediafire.com/file/0ov67zfndj1pas2/PUBG_Craft_Texture_Pack/file My Website: https://sites.google.com/view/mathuwsgamermw/downloads?authuser=0
  5. I'm new to modded and xbox 360, I gotten the some of basics down. I downloaded some dlcs for guitar hero 5 and I put them in the right folders and everything. I look in XM360 it says I have some of the dlcs unlocked but when I launch guitar hero and go to pick a song the dlcs don't show. I have contpactch enabled, I think the latest title update because there is nothing to download in xboxunity. Help me please
  6. Hi, I'm having issue with getting the game to recognise the DLC. The game is LEGO Marvel Avengers. The DLC's file path is Hdd1:\Content\0000000000000000\5752084F\00000002 The Title Update is Title Update 1, the only one on Xbox Unity. The games are showing unlocked with XM360, and contpatch is enabled. When the game loads up the following message reads "Please install the lastest LEGO Marvel's Avengers update in order to access the latest Add-on Content." Then when you go to Season Pass it reads "You need to be signed into an Xbox Live enabled profile with the correct privileges to access the Xbox Games Store." Any help would be awesome thank you.
  7. Hello everyone, I downloaded some dlc for Batman Arkham origins and I noticed the name wasn't it usual many numbers name but the literal name of the DLC so adding it like that in the dlc dir didn't work. How can this be fixed?
  8. Hi. I have a corona rgh xbox 360 slim. I downloaded all dlcs for Just Dance 4. If i put them all to dlc folder (there is 20 of them) at the same time game won't load them and crashes(fatal crash intercepted) when i try to load a song. If i put like 10 of them all of them works fine. So i can't put more than 11 dlcs at the same time to 00000002 folder or they won't work. What could cause this problem? How could i avoid it? I would like to play all dlcs at the same time. Putting files back and forth is not fun.
  9. Hey everyone...So, I'm kind of a new Aurora user and I'm trying to get used to everything: knowing step-by-step how to install a game, connect to unity, navigate through the system, etc... But I'm having a big problem... All tutorials that I see are on youtube, and I think that's horrible to understand (for me, at least), I do preferer on forums with images, texts, and etc, but I'm making my way. Right now I'm on a DLC journey. So, my problem is... how exactly should I install a DLC? I'll try to resume my story: > Downloaded the game (Borderlands The Pre-Sequel) and it came with the DLCs already > Copied it all to the folder with my games (rookie mistake) just to enter the game and miss the DLCs. > Discovered that I should put the DLC's on the "Content/0000000000000000" folder, then done it so. > Played the game, and noticed a red text on upper left corner of the screen, saying: "SOME DLC COULD NOT BE INSTALLED DUE TO A BUILD VERSION MISMATCH" (hate this message already) >> Question: this one is a message from the game, or Aurora? > So, searched about TU. > Downloaded all TU right from Auroral and did activated the newest one > Message still showing > Quit the game, changed to a lower version > Message still there > Did it with every update... didn't get rid of the damn message. So, can someone help me, please?? I don't know what to do anymore, don't think I can play with this annoying red message PS.: thanks for the patience guys...
  10. I hope my new thread doesn't violate any rules... I'm Just wanting the most up to date methods for being able to add DLC for Forza4 on my 360 because it is not available the Xbox site anymore. I did find a couple tutorials that relate to what i'm looking for.... BUT! Most of it is dated to 2013-2015 and also had mentions of other things that i might need to do to my 360 in order to be able to get it to work right? So im basically asking for a step 1, step 2....etc... kind of instruction to head me in the right direction. My 360 is not modded in anyway, and the only apps i have on the Hdd is Netflix and the rest are just games i bought before my Xbox credits expired. eventually i will want to know more about getting full games, but for now i would love to get all the DLCs for Forza 4. Thank you in advance
  11. What if i place on english languange game, other language DLC? Do they work? exp. i have English version Mass Effect 3 and i got Mass Effect 3 DLC's in russian language..
  12. I havefallout 3 goty and want to install the dlc from disc 2 but I don't have a internal hdd I'm using an external hdd. How would I do this?
  13. good night have a problem with the babayaga DLC Rise of the Tomb Raider dlc usually runs but in trying to complete the challenge of vasijars I need 1 and not as complete as you change the TU's from the 4th through 5th and finally 6 I have the region free default and mid 0A657B25 but does not come out I have seen guides where they are as locations vasijars but I need 1 and does not appear would like to know if someone has the same problem and how to fix it thanks
  14. Hey Team Phoenix, I just joined RealModScene.com and would like to request that if you could make lightweight DLC a downloadable thing through xboxunity.net as it would save the countless hours searching for it, Thanks
  15. Sorry the English. put the DLC on the horizon HD , all normal.mas they do not appear in the dawn , have to do something?
  16. Hello, I have unlocked all the episodes for the Revelations 2 game, I see all of them in the Xbox Content Creator, except the Episode 1. Please help me i can't continue playing the other episodes because it tells me to buy the Episode 1 when i open the game. How do I find Episode 1? I have all the other episodes.
  17. hey guys. straight to the problem. the DLC's i have for my RB1 are showing in the game but will not play, once4 I select the song for example bob marley it goes to the loading menu but it gets stuck there. But there are a couple that dont even show up at all. Correct me if im wrong but the sets of songs go into the market place folder( those are shoing in the game) and the single songs go into saved data( these are not working). I tried adding them via Horizon, Modio and Directly into the folders. \they are all unlocked aswell and I am running tu3 which is the highest i could find for the MediaID of my copy of RB1. Can anyone give me a solution on how to get them working please. Next issue is that my RB2 will not work on my Jtag. My Green day didnt work either until i found a custom xex for the game and now it runs just fine. Can anyone help with that aswell. Thanks guys
  18. Hi all i have had Black Ops for ages and long before i got my Jtag. I have all the DLC's for the game from Xbox Live which i got before to mod. I have the first 3 working but i know the Moon map and the waw map are not working at all. all the DLC's are unlocked and are visible if I check them in aurora and in the default dash. Also I have check contpatch is enabled in Dashlaunch. I have also tried deleting all the content for the game and then reinstalling it and nothing has worked....any ideas would be great help.
  19. How To Properly Install DLC For Call Of Duty Games 1. Put DLC/Compatibility Pack on Computer 2. Download LicenseCleaner (created by Swizzy) 3. Click on DLC file, Drag it onto the LicenseCLeaner exe and wait for the magic to happen 4. Delete the old DLC file (not the patched file) 5. Delete these letters from the name of the new DLC file "_patched" 6. Transfer the fixed DLC Back into the Proper Location on the xbox(content...002) using FTP, FlashDrive etc 7. Make Sure You Have The Most Recent Title Update Downloaded and Enabled! 8. If Needed Unlock DLC with xm360 etc 9. Personally I had to disable FAKELIVE in dashlaunch for TU3 to work on BO3. 10. Enjoy playing the game, zombies matches can only be joined while in lobby status. (use find lan game) Originally Posted by begallegal1 *************************************************************************** Some important info I have found so far in my testing... **************************************************************************** 1. The game must be launched by a "live" profile or it will error in the menu (you cannot switch to a live profile once in menu, error will occur) 2. You must have an active LOCAL network connected to the console (internet access is not required, I just tested this on a spare router) else you will get LAN connection error in menu. 3. Make sure your xbox kernal is updated, usually not required, but good idea to update if your behind. *This method should work with all call of duty games. add more tips and I will edit the tutorial... **I have attaced the LicenseCleaner Program LicenseCleaner.rar
  20. Hi, im new, so if you have the correct tuturiel, just linked it, I wil try it by my own. But till now, I have one issue: I install Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate do the local drive: It crashed all the times with F3 and Aurora Now I downloaded all nececcary DLC's and TU from XBOX Live as they are free I copied them to HDD1:\content Now I am able to start it without any crashes Also in Aurora it is still DoA5 Ultimate As soon as I start it, it is DoA5 LR Quite good I think But: The Xbox still tells me, that 8 DLCs are missing: Costume Catalog 02,04, 11, 17, 09, 14 and LR07, LR14 So as I still own a 2nd Xbox, I can download these DLC, but where do I have to save them? In HDD1:\Cache or Content? Can't be as I tried it allready AS I think, it has to be a subfolder, but I tried it allready in the 000000... and the 0004000 (or similar) and also in the same folder from the original Xbox360 At the moment the folder with all the game, DLCs and TU are copied to HDD1:\CONTENT\00000000000000\4B5607E8 Three folders 00000002 [Marketplace] 00004000 [installed Xbox360 Title] 000B0000 [Title Update] I also saved all DLCs here HDD1:\Cache\00000000000000\4B5607E8\00000002 But still I receive the message that the "Content is checked" after the check takes around 10minutes Any idea? Aurora 0.5b r1025 With FSD 3 I have the same Issue Dash 3.0b Rev775 Kernel 2.0.17349.0 So hopefully someone is able to help me Thank you & BR JJ
  21. I have a JTAGGed xbox 360, and I want to add new songs (DLC) onto my just dance 2k14 and 15. I dont know how to do it.. even a single thing, Im really clue less. Can anyone, with an open heart, teach me step by step the instructions on how to do so? any help, small or big, will be greatly appreciated. tnx :3
  22. Please help.... ive got the first 3 dlc's for call of duty black ops on my jtag and they run beautifully... but the 4th and 5th are not working....i used horizon to inject them into my system and i am running on tu 11 which as far as i know and have seen on xboxunity.net it is the latest tu for the game....any help or suggestions would be great Thanx guys
  23. So I have payday 2 on my jtag and I want to install DLC (Armored transport and the both Gage weapons pack). I tried to install it and it didnt work maybe I did something wrong or downloaded the wrong pack, I found a swag bag for xbox . Need help!!!
  24. I'm new with this JTAG thing and I need some help with these stuff. I'm using an external hard drive to store my games, I'm using a transcend one, not the XBOX HDD. -How to I upload DLC content to my games, COD Advanced Warfare, GTA 5 -How do I update my roster for NBA 2K15 -How do I get the avatar like in this one. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/774-the-dream-theme-v24-for-f3-rev775/ Thank you in advance for your help.
  25. Hello, Anyone has an idea where to find the two dlcs for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel? thx
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