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  1. So, I got a new router and all.. still the same problem. :
  2. I believe I don't have any plugins installed. I downloaded a fresh build of free style dash
  3. Hmm.. this is really weird. I contacted my ISP and they said there is some problem on my ADSL so I hope the fix to the ADSL will fix my ping issue as well.
  4. That's strange, I only have one machine. Anyway.. I created another account with totally unrelated password and ID. Still same error. I even tried with my lan cable instead of the wireless, no luck. I recently noticed that I am getting the error "UPNP router not found", could that be causing this error ?
  5. PrinceMaxx. I tried creating an alias, I got the same error again. :/
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY9QjLVWoPc How about now? It should work
  7. Sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEc-u6nJ96k I hope it's not too difficult to understand.
  8. Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I never post on the forums, just go through the posts and I usually find whatever I need with the search feature. Today my luck wasn't so good. I was searching for a very long time to solve my issue with LiNK but I had no success. What my problem is : I have black ops 2 on my 8 gig usb. I don't have the GOD file, I've the extracted iso. I've successfully installed TU 13 (not sure if installed is the right jargon) and I can access LiNK. I have forwarded these ports on my router. 3802 - 3809. When testing for LiNK, occasionally the UNDP router is found but mostly it says the router is not found but all the other checks pass. The problem comes in when I try to enter a room. When I enter the room, it will say I am in the room but as soon as I refresh, I will be back in the lobby. I keep coming back to the lobby and I am unable to join any room in the game. I also cannot my own room. To answer the general questions Are you using the default skin ? YES Are you using the most recent kernel and dashlaunch ? YES Did you cold boot (power console completely off and then back on again) ? YES Have you tried deleting the plugin, cold booting, then re downloading the plugin update and cold booting again ? YES Have you checked settings to make sure LiNK is enabled ? YES have you tried re linking your console with your JQE360 account ? YES Have you installed the missing avatar/kinect data ($SystemUpdate) ? YES Have you checked your dashlaunch settings (pingpatch on, devlink off) YES Are you running the latest TU ? YES Are you running any other plugins? If so disable them (dashlaunch plugins like xbdm.xex) NO Is there a space in your jqe360.com username or in your gamer tag ? If so remove it. NO Have you tried resetting your link.jqe360.com api key and then re linking you console with your account ? YES
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