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  1. I downloaded psychonauts , but when i boot it up it gives me a black screen after the original xbox startup screen as if i had exited the game and then i get booted back into aurora. I have 4 other original xbox games that work just fine , but this one just won't work for some reason. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Guys can somebody help me, i have downloaded Snes360 from pirate bay and it came with looooads of roms BUT i downloaded mupen64-360 and i cant find a SINGLE place to download roms for it, i even searched TPB to see if i could find the emulator with roms included but sadly i didn't find any. So if you know of a place inform me, Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a really annoying problem so Admin please help if you can, my problem is that when i login everything is perfectly fine and i can play online no problem BUT after 30-60 minutes of playing i get logged out while playing and i have to close everything and re-enter my password and accuire the API KEY and then start playing again for another 30 minutes to repeat the whole process again what i noticed is when i get logged out i open the system link menu and press RB twice it says username not available and gamertag not available and rating i think was the last one which also not available until i close the game and log in again. So please if you have a solution let me know and by the way my username is: Wild_Wolf Thanks in advance.
  4. I know I'm kinda late but kf anybody is still out there can you please help me out i tried to make an account on xboxunity Username: Wild_Wolf And i got an activation e-mail so i activated my account but whenever i try to login it says login failed try again so if you could help me out thanks Edit: Posting moved from "request-missing-titles-to-be-added/" ----> to here ! Dr.Gonzo
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