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  1. Also, check the link in the Admin's signature ^^^^^ there is a link to a guide on how to update your machine's kernel. Also, in order to launch a different dash at boot check your configuration of paths in your launch.ini file, assuming you installed dashlaunch. Here is a sample of my paths: [Paths] BUT_A = Hdd:\F3Rev775\default.xex BUT_B = BUT_X = IntMu:\Content\0000000000000000\C0DE9999\00080000\C0DE99990F586558 BUT_Y = Start = Back = LBump = RThumb = LThumb = ; Default is what loads when you hold no buttons ; leave this blank if you want NXE as default Default = Hdd:\Aurora 0.5b - Release Package\Aurora.xex
  2. If you are running on the latest version of Aurora .05b, if you press start to enter settings, go to Plugin. You should be able to Enable/Disable Screen Capture or change the activation and trigger buttons. Hope this helps.
  3. Just Tested BLOPS 2 - Game rooms open and Rss feeds up? Working for me.
  4. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/1502-weather-and-fsd-3/page-3 That is a link to setting up the weather in FSD, once you have your internet connected.
  5. Based on your pics your console settings appear to be be "mostly" correct - at least your ports are open and you are authenticating. Do you actually have LINK enabled, and is the plugin loaded? If you enable the RSS Feeds, do they display? If you were able to resolve the issue yourself, could you post what your solution was. It may help someone else in the future.
  6. There is no official build that supports the new dash. People are able to make their plugins work by using the modified files to incorporate dashlaunch into their hacked image. You need to manually edit your launch.ini with the correct paths for your plugins. If you attempt to use the 3.12 installer, it will launch, however - most likely freeze or crash when you attempt to change certain settings. I have heard a few people claim that they are experiencing issues using the modified jrunner build. I get that it is fun to tool around online or host private matches for friends, but the guys who build these applications that have helped the community greatly never intended them to be used for COD/online lobbies. Sure they can be fun, but in my humble opinion, I don't believe that was their intent, or is it worth their time to update these utilities just so people can take their consoles online. I'll get off my soap box now, but hopefully I provided you the info you were looking for.
  7. modd3r77

    Extracting games

    If you have a spare xbox optical drive and have the drive key, you can use jungleflasher to flash 0800 or ripping firmware. It will allow the drive to be recognized by windows, and using the XBC software can unlock the game disc - for backup purposes only - of course!
  8. It may help a little. If you have the older xenon or other non hdmi box they really suffer from over heat conditions. If you have a newer jasper or slim (jtag or rgh) there is not as much to worry about. You can do the 12volt fan mod, or use the fsd setting to max your fan rpms. It's a little noisier but, but there is very little risk of "cooking" your console. For the older xenon consoles, the red rings are just a matter of time.
  9. modd3r77

    Live Profile

    If you are running FSD with Dashlaunch, make sure it is configured to block live, and it will not be a problem. You should always be careful when using an online profile between a retail and jtag/rgh because I believe there is some type of watermark that can get you flagged. If you wanted to be extremely safe, make a new profile on your jtag/rgh, use your program of choice to change your (profile id, device id, and console id) for your saved games so you don't lose any progress. If you are concerned about the achievements, you can use a program to unlock all of them for you. Best practice is to keep your retail a retail, and your tagged box off live.
  10. Same here. Although I am trying to run an xbox1 emulator z26 (atari 2600). This is all I need it for - bummer I can't get it. Any help you be most appreciated. When I launch the z26 app - my jtag hangs at the xbox 1 splash screen. I'd love to get this to work, or if anyone could help me locate a z26/stella port for the 360 that would be great too! Thanks in advance everybody -
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