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  1. THIS!(I got a bad feeling about the "PREMIUM SERVER...")
  2. I don't know, this error occurring for nearly 1 month
  3. Yes, but the problem is also occurring for my friends, so i dont think thats the problem.
  4. Hello! Me and my friends can't create a room in the xbox classic section, because when i click the 'create room" button it's always saying that i can't create because i can only create 1 room per hour.Thank You for the support.UI: I didn't created a room before the attempt.
  5. This is the system link option, because this is a simple PC port, thank again for the quick response
  6. Okay thanks for replying.The screenshot: http://tinypic.com/r/34rc390/5 TitleID: 415607D6
  7. OMG why you can't add the freaking game?
  8. Quake II is another game, it's came with Quake IV, on a bonus Disc, so Quake II's TitleID is different, so its unplayable on system link until they add the game (Of course its working with Kai and Xbslink, but i dont wanna do it just for 1 game)
  9. Yeah, + its have story coop (imagine 16 player story coop lol)But the admins didnt add the game yet.
  10. I know, i meant its has 4 player system link PER console. So yeah, its have system link (2 xbox 8 players)Sorry if my english sucks.
  11. Hello!Can someone add this game to the supported system link games? It has 4 player system link per console (i think, but the system link is for sure) TitleID: 415607D6 Thank You!
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