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  1. could someone get rid of my old account? I don't like it showing up on Google when someone searches for my nickname
  2. HELLO? anyone out there? The file is only 44kb and I still can't find it I'm living in Libya the slowest Internet in the world so I can't download the iso with a 25kps download speed :'(
  3. Sofyan990

    Halo⁴ launcher

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with the GOD format of the game I accidentally deleted the game's luncher file, so if anyone has it can you please upload it to mediafire or any site I've searched for it but I couldn't find it
  4. Where's the location of this folder exactly? Sorry I'm still n00b at this ?
  5. Hello modders, I've downloaded TWD season 2 from a website, the site says it's a JTAG/RGH rip which should be placed in HDD/Games I think? But Aurora still can't play it, I've downloaded 3 arcade games from the site before so I think it's legit and if posting this is against the rules of the site I will remove it, thx
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