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  1. how to get the common files for dashboard update 17150??
  2. just make port exceptions on the router so even if you can't configure the UPNP you can still connect search on Google port forwarding ...
  3. Help when i try to boot xell screen becomes red as like showing an error
  4. umm sorry for the noob question what is the temperature treshold?? i always control fan speed by freestyle as if i don't cpu and gpu temperature ascend over 80c is this a setting in dashlaunch ???
  5. Well as LibXenon Dev said, but i highly advise that you setup your LAN connection,as by following this guide http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2205-xebuild-freeboot-nand-update-tutorial/ you can do it in 30 seconds , try setuping your LAN connection and test it by tversty its a streaming application from pc to xbox via LAN so if it work therefore your LAN connection is good and you can proceed
  6. i have latest one i think k:2.0.16203.0 edit 1 Sorry i found out there are newer kernal XD so can you give me link to good guid to flash be wary it would be the 1st time ?? i have a jtag configration is this one ok http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2205-xebuild-freeboot-nand-update-tutorial/ edit 2 thx just flashed it with 16537 and i am able to play watch dogs and no problems so far .....
  7. I have done everything as instructed but when i try to launch it it crashes I am using Watch.Dogs.XBOX360-COMPLEX release I am using xiso to extract files to pc then edit and use 360 contenet manger to transfer it to xbox ftp it says"the game couldn't start try downloading the game again"
  8. there is one important question Is there any way to install skse as almost every good mode depends on it now X_X
  9. hi i know this is not linked to freestyle in anyway but i don't know where to post it the problem that when i play any video from usb or media center i get an error 51-c00df326 which says a media update required to play this content and of course i have jtag aka i can't go online ..so is there a offline way of installing this update please help!!!I FIXED IT thx anyway i did search in google for "optical media update" and i found a fix for the problem thx irish dave :Dand i uplaoded the fix so anyone can use it OMU.rar
  10. Hi i am getting a f3000004 error from link it says i need to update my plugin so 1)reinstalled freestyle 735 still didn't work 2)i have deleted the plugin as i have read in this forum and cold rebooted then updated then cold rebooted ...still no luck freestyle link 734 was working perfectly but idk what happened please help D: FIXED! All i did was cold booting my xbox and opening xmenu and deleting the whole folder from the hdd and then copying the latest copy of freeatyle from my flash drive to the hdd and fixed XD
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