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  1. hi dude . long time no see. i am sharing in EOL your new 0.6 .. greetings
  2. your new skin based looks great . i love KodišŸ˜Š
  3. thanks dude. i made a nice halo 4 loading screen with a "progress bar visual" . now its time for resize and move the "progress bar"
  4. this is an example of what i want to do. is there any dumb proof xui tool guide ? lol
  5. i am trying very hard to replace the aurora 0.7b classic loading text with a nice looking progress bar. how can i make it? i did it before on 0.6b but with the new 0.7 xuielements things are a little bit different. i hope that anybody could help me . thanks guys
  6. thanks dude i found AuroraElements (XUI Extensions).rar for 0.7b in http://phoenix.xboxunity.net/#/news ( i think its the same that you wrote about before) ). worked like a charm . love ya ;D
  7. hi guys , i got a question. i dont know if its offtopic or not.... im trying to add xma to aurora_main in default auroraĀ“s 0.7b skin just i did before with xuitool but i got only "error loading skin file " when i try to mod it ( it happens with aurora_skin too. what can i do? i got xdk, visual basic , net framework, visual studio, well , all the software needed to mod skins installed.
  8. im open for spanish translations (EU and LATAM) . greetings fellas
  9. Okay... To put it simple: Y0urh34d was asking about rgloader and i gave him all the informaciĆ³n i got about it. I dont want to use devkitnands (not interested at all) .
  10. Ask yOurh34d... i agree with you. 360 sdk for me = just educational purpose
  11. well , in that case we got the same result: non public rgloader 17511 release
  12. there are 3 possible ways to make a 17511 devkit nand.... contacting tydie (gonzo told me NINJA team gave him rgloader 17511), buying it with gonzo or downloading xdk 21256.18 with all recovery and system files to create a devkit nand (17489 recovery spoofing to 17511, i dont really know if microsoft leaked tydie any other kernel recoveries)
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