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  1. dude , you never sent the cpukey . we need updflash.bin (or any nand dump) + cpu key . cpukey its MANDATORY to create another nand to octal. no prob dude . i think that you only need to ad in shortcuts the info about shift + left click to make new nands. i tested it without any problem ;D
  2. i used the nanndump 17150 with badblocks and i tried to create another with 17559 dash in your jrunner version . the result was an updated nand with same bad blocks . i extracted files (kv.bin, fcrt.bin, etc...) and i compiled a new retail one with jrunner 0.8 benmitnick using the "create a new nand without nandump" . then i finally used that retail with no bad blocks to create a rgh 3 17559 nand . then i tried what you said about shift + left click in the donor nand option copying extracted files (kv.bin , fcrt.bin, etc) to /xebuild/data and selecting "retail" with "clean smc" options. it worked . i thought that you had removed the "create an image without the nanddump" completely . im glad that its not what i thought ;D
  3. no prob . i made it to another coleague in EOL forum ;D . i recompiled a bad block glitch nand to a retail with no bad blocks https://mega.nz/file/BU1GxLbI#VrYSaxaZ6ns1dSRE4_OxqWSvnBoILd1lMBRwXGooa6I i tested in your jrunner version. i selected clean smc and i pressed the left click + shift in the "create donor nand option " . it worked . thanks mr davidson ;D
  4. Hello Josh and happy 2022 thank you for your awesome work . i hope that this bug report may be of interest to you . i tried to create a new retail nand without bad blocks using a glitch nand with bad blocks with the "create an image without nandump.bin " using the extracted nand files but i see that you removed it in 3.1.0.b . i created one using your software but retail nand keeps the bad blocks . i used another jrunner to complete the task. hope it helps in any way
  5. do you think that it can work on a stuborn corona with samsung nand + samsung rams? . i tried to do a RGH installation in my cousins console but it only shown xell screen 1 time and when i created xebuild nand it hanged up at the 3rd try to boot (i tried with ace and Sonic 360 with muffin timmings) . sonic 360 has a 100 mhz oscilator ( its a spanish chip)
  6. oh , i see. its for matrix or any programable x2c64 based glitchip to work as a CR4 (muffin improvement). cool ;D
  7. yup. a screen capture should help . i made a new updflash for my console with your smc+ patch. runs very well , i thank you for that , jrunner works fine is there any smc + 1.1 improvement in slim consoles with ace chips?
  8. do you have any capture of your xell version? does it work with mupen beta 2 and 1175 / hitachi drives ?
  9. hi dude . long time no see. i am sharing in EOL your new 0.6 .. greetings
  10. your new skin based looks great . i love Kodi😊
  11. thanks dude. i made a nice halo 4 loading screen with a "progress bar visual" . now its time for resize and move the "progress bar"
  12. this is an example of what i want to do. is there any dumb proof xui tool guide ? lol
  13. i am trying very hard to replace the aurora 0.7b classic loading text with a nice looking progress bar. how can i make it? i did it before on 0.6b but with the new 0.7 xuielements things are a little bit different. i hope that anybody could help me . thanks guys
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