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  1. HI! I wonder if anyone knows how to do update Disney Infinity 3.0 with playsets (and language packs for them)? When I bought the Force Awakens playset it had to be updated. I started Disney Infinity 3.0 on my non-JTAG/RGH machine and downloaded the update to a USB stick, from there I transferred the data (Content\0000000000000000\42560832 folder) to my JTAG/RGH machine and that was it, no problems. With the Finding Dory and Marvel Battlegrounds playsets I do have issues however, I had to create a XBOX live account in order to be able to update the playsets on the non-JTAG machine. I downloaded both playsets and their respective language packs and did like last time - transferred the data to the JTAG machine but it doesn't work - it still complains about having to download the data (which I cannot since I can't connect to XBOX Live). In other threads I see that there has been some sort of issue with the version number (3.0 or 3.0.0) and that there are TUs available but I guess that it only solves the figurines but not the actual new "games" that comes with the playsets as well as the respective language packs. It would also be great if someone who knows can confirm that the TU is needed and how to best approach that and if it's the same technique (download to USB on non-JTAG machine and transfer to JTAG-machine)? Anyone with a good approach/workaround to this (kids are not very happy about this)? Thanks (a LOT)! Thread moved from Playstation subforum Games --> Xbox subforum Games ! Dr.Gonzo