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  1. alright then, thank you! I'll try what you said ;)
  2. ok, and what number should I keep? I didn't get you
  3. So it's the final solution? What do you mean leaving it unallocated and what number are you talking about? I'm a bit of a newbie here....
  4. Hi, my xbox 360 is stuck in the logo screen each time I try to start it from the HDD, I tried changing the dashlaunch.ini file to start from a fat32 usb (I don't have any plugin active) and I even erased the launch.ini file from the HDD with FATXplorer but no luck... If I start with a USB I don't have a problem and immediately starts but, when I insert the HDD the xbox 360 automatically resets and gets stuck in the logo screen.... Any idea why is this happening?
  5. Hi, I have the exact problem but I can't run the launch.ini file from usb it looks like it uses the hdd as first option because I tried with multiple usb and everytime i connect my hard drive it gets stuck in the main logo screen... Can you help me? or shoud I create a new post? Thanks
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