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  1. albilia

    Weather and FSD 3

    send pm to JPizzle.He is the owner of the file.
  2. In this case we're both talking about the same thing (server). But I fear that each of us our server behaviors are different. In your case you are talking about a pc probably running on some software running in the background. Sharing object itself through a pc requires resources from memory and uses buffer. In addition it is advisable to set the computer to not enter sleep mode includes not of Hard Disk. For the above reasons I am not a fan of sharing through a pc. my synology nas (ds413j) specification is : link. Currently besides Xbox games do not run other software. I personally work with xbox image browser. After the conversion of the iso, passing directly to nas. never worked bifore with iso2god . sorry : . The strange part : you said that on HP Microserver it's also loading slow. While my case load delay can be a maximum between 16-20 seconds, which should take the usual time. Meanwhile you might investigate the issue you mentioned (iso2god).
  3. Hi robo989 The first time I finished set up sharing between the nas to xbox360 smb indeed .. Load times are approximately 4-5 times longer than normal. It certainly made ​​me mad. Until the moment I boot to nas. Then load has become more rapid, and took maximum a double time. I do not know to tell you for sure if it applies to all types of servers. As mentioned the post refers to synology server. Slowness you mentioned continues to happen even after the reboot of the server? And what type of server do you have? Anyway usb connection is certainly more preferable then smb connection. But each of the following There are disadvantages and advantages. I personally prefer to work this way games are on the server.
  4. Hey nukenuky, I am more than happy to hear that interests you. As the post above refers synology nas. Should be considered in advance, In order not to be disappointed if you purchase nas else. Basically I guess that other nas supports SMB can work with the latest version of fsd. If you have any questions, I will be happy to assist you.
  5. JPizzle you Say little but say a lot. In fact it was my real problem. I realized in retrospect : i entered incorrect Connectx settings by mistake. After I entered the : Correct Remote Name Pc . And the Correct Pc Share Name. And in addition I copied : Download ConnectX Patch. And ConnectX Download Plugin into : fsd plugin. Then I rebooted the Xbox.Connectx status = connectx plugin is loaded. vuala... And then I could see through the Xbox the Remote share "Conx" Finally for the first time. Through this folder I could see the shared folder I made on synology. And play. Thank huge man. So ... All owners of synology nas, today is a new day with sunshine and smiles. Everything is possible. Thanks again to JPizzle.
  6. albilia

    Weather and FSD 3

    Hello guys, Attaching a link to download the file default.xex, you need to replace the existing file in this file. Then boot your Xbox, tested and works for me. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5xa2lyx50i9p466/mon+default+XEX.rar Taken from this website: http://forum.homebrew-connection.org/index.php?topic=252.0
  7. Hello Friends, Recently I purchased a server synology ds413j in order to play Xbox 360 games through it. After many attempts I managed to set up SMB sharing between the Xbox 360 to synology. Also I can see through Xbox sharing i made. path in synology is: xbox360/games. The problem begins when I go to "game managed paths" and try to add the folder I created in synology, I can add the folder but can not save it. Is it possible to keep a folder in "managed game paths" in FSD when it's SMB? Any answer is welcome. Thanks in advance.
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