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  1. Why would someone see a trailer when he/she already has the game, try to Develop something interesting just saying (not ignoring )
  2. Dude all I wanted to say was that HOW THE HEL* CAN'T A PROGRAMMER FIND Messenger Dealing with url and ip and commands doesn't means you lose your common sense, but OK im sorry if I was offensive
  3. Multiplayer? : Set up a game, A mode, a class, start the match.Campaign? : There is an option to start a story mode for god's sake !
  4. I think he's right Adrianvdh. This post would have been appropriate for game support Forums.
  5. I am not asking them to do anything about live Just some opinion sharing is going on over here, doing it is completely their own choice whether they want to or not
  6. Haha, you think I didn't know that?
  7. I myself felt like that too, was reading some questions you answered, people are just repeating the same things again and again, without THINKING that they could use some of their seconds to search "no i'll ask my own question even if its a repeat, so the one who answers gets annoyed by me! oh yeaH"
  8. LOL cheers. Well its not any magic that the F word is so famous, it solves problems
  9. This pOst gave me A CANCER !! Roflmao !! This post made my day! LOL :D He knows C# and is asking for a link to obvious messenger page. No Offense Anas but I haven't had laughed out loud for sometime
  10. Have you tried pressing Y on the game and refreshing the artwork? It works for me when I get this problem !
  11. I think I already mentioned that. Open the hxd. from in it, open file, open dlc I.e nuketown 2025, press control+g. Type 234 and press enter. Now Just press f 8 times, save the file, and install it in xbox. Do the same for nuketown zombies.
  12. Download HxD Editor: http://mh-nexus.de/en/downloads.php?product=HxD Open dlc file in it and press ctrl+g. Type 234 and press ok. Now type F eight times (FF FF FF FF) and save file. Now I can play Nuketown levels with Title Update #12 Nuketown 2025 (96C87E4AB044B236F8A2272C65E8B7396172668A41) Nuketown Zombies (449174A75B1D08B8825CC2047CBBE609D9C2C56B41) Remember you have to apply this method two times, as there is zombies and a mp map, so do this for both of them. It is better if this post should get no more replies.
  13. If you can be bothered to change it Hahaha OK sir you win
  14. Why are you writing the answer in a quote? It makes it harder for the readers to find it.
  15. By the way, I really like your idea, ONE thumbs up from me (Y)
  16. And also if this is possible, and IS done in future, then this won't be xbox anymore, it will be jqebox
  17. IF they (files) are modded in a way that when jtag users press A on xbox live and it doesn't ask to connect to xbox live, instead it asks to sign-in on jqe, then I would love to see this change, As it would help us to play games that support only online, with other jtag users too.
  18. Its the game's own problem, pretty messed up, happens to me too All you can do is cross your fingers and hope to join, thats what I do, really I also can join 1 in 20. Compatibility packs are for the region compatibility I think, because there is no need for compatibility packs in joining others. This matter was posted already, but no solution.
  19. haha I know its a shit No problem, your english is fine
  20. Hola hola Yo no soy español, enojado? Oh, por favor no me maten! no me haha solo hermano bromeando matar! Conozco a un montón de españoles, pero como ya he dicho, no soy español. Usando Google Traductor.
  21. What do you usually do when your copying? never let the screen fade out, copy will not complete if the screen fades out, does it only freeze while copying something? which dash and dashlaunch version are you using?
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