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  1. I updated my dashboard version this morning and have since put onto my jtag console your new dashlaunch version and run it. i have removed my previous dashlaunch version 2.something & i was about to start looking for a download for fsd 3 -i have an outdated version of freestyle dash on my jtag- but i got this -below- err when opening my Installer folders default.xex ----------------------------------- Currently installed launch.xex: v.3.0.7 (510) **Incorrect Kernel Version** You are currently on version: 16203 this release only supports the following (7) versions: 9199 12611 12625 13146 13599 13604 14699 Press Y to exit ------------------------------------------------------------ can someone please tell me what i've done wrong? / help me back on track.. guidance would be much appreciated thanks LF Ducky
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