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  1. I have downloaded a new copy of game and extracted with iso extractor and everything works. Folder structure; -La Noire/disk1 -La Noire/disk2 -La Noire/disk3 -La Noire/disk4 Thank you everybody
  2. Of course i don't have DVD's. I am downloading same game again. I will write the results.
  3. Autoswap option is disabled by dashlaunch. Tried your file structure and still stucks after swapping disks.
  4. As you can see in my launch.ini, there is no plugin loaded. Only FSD plugin is loaded. In addition, you are saying that merge all disk content into one file right? Then, default.xex files will conflict and how fsd understand that which one is which disk. I think this is wrong way. Any other ideas?
  5. Thank you for your reply but problem still exist
  6. Hi everyone. I am having a different kind of multi-disk plugin issue. I was playing LA Noire and i finished disk1. It says please insert disk2 for a second and disk swap plugin worked. When i look at the web UI i can see that disk is swapped but game stuck! It says loading but nothing happens I tried many times but there is no use. I started game directly from disk2 but this time there are no movie and no character conversation in the game. I am about to go crazy Please help my friends.. Here is my file structure usb:GAMESLA Noiredisk1 usb:GAMESLA Noiredisk2 usb:GAMESLA Noiredisk3 Scan depth: 2 and yes i was seeing different disks as different games and i moved all of them into no section correctly. Here my launch.ini ALL SOFTWARE VERSIONS Plugin version: 3.0.801 BETA Dashlaunch version: 3.07 (510) Dashboard: 2.0.16197.0 and fsd version: 3.0.775 All my softwares are updated. And yes I tried fresh install but it didn't worked
  7. I have a new question. I installed lastest TU on Black Ops 2. I can managed to join a room but when I said join game, game stuck! It happened 3 times and console stops responding. Is it related with game, LiNK or have another reason for it? (like pingpatch or something else)
  8. Thanks a lot buddy. It works like a charm but what is the problem of downloading from fsd? :S This time i was able to select ONLY ONE TU at a time and it worked
  9. I installed FSD3 3.0b Rev 735 and Kernel: 2.0.16197 on my XBOX 360. I have external hard drive to store games and title updates. I don't have any problem when I test LiNK configurations. Everything seems perfect. 1) I tried to download title update for modern warfare 2 through fsd3 but when i select update (it goes green), it doesn't apply to game. System Link section says TU version: 0 [TU #8 Available] 2) I launched game and i get the title id and media id through web interface. Downloaded correct title update from www.xbuc.net and i copied it into XBOX Storage Device/Cache folder. It shows in fsd but still it doesn't apply. 3) I tried many other games Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2 but they all give same error. 4) I formatted my USB Flash Drive and I installed fresh FSD and placed Modern Warfare 2 game only. Still same problem exists. Please help
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