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  1. hey guys . im new to this , but my Q is . that you make a copy of your existing kernel and how is that updated then . dont we need a file of the newest kernel . and are they all using Freeboot or are there others . and most importent Q is when do i know when there is an update (needed) . bare with me plz , and thx for all you guys so that we can learn do it our selfs that saves € 25
  2. hello there . great tut . but did every thing you did . but my xbox wants to connect to live first , DashLaunch is blocking that of course , my profile is a xboxlive one i even have a xuid in it so i didnt have to make one . oh well to bad , i realy was looking forward to put on the stormtrooper suit or something else for a change or will it not work for RGH
  3. i have just 1 thing . it wont link to JQE360 . it says cant connect to server , check username and password . all connections pass except that . website login works at link.JQE360.com
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