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  1. No no no. Big fat no. Definitely multidisc games don´t work in aurora 0.6b if the games are accessed through ConnectX, even if the folder structure is organized as it should be. Multidisc games only work with aurora 0.6n if the game files and folders are stored either on internal or external usb hard drive. Never on network through ConnectX.
  2. Thanks a lot. You mentioned a key word: Multidisc + ConnectX. That word should be in my question. So, yeah. My question was related to whether or not multidisc games will work with ConnectX in Aurora 0.7b. Thanks a lot.
  3. Will Aurora 0.7 be able to deal properly with auto loading multi disc games located on the network (example, on NAS) ? In current Aurora 0.6b, multi disc games auto loading, only works if the files are located in internal hard drive. As a result, I have to copy all my multidisc games to the internal drive when I have plenty of space available in my 8TB NAS.
  4. Hey guys. No need to fight against each other. Take it easy ! Aurora 0.6b is still AWESOME. I'm very happy for having aurora still supported for such a long time. Just enjoy your consoles and Xbox 360 games. I believe all team members directly involved in Aurora deserve a great vacation time. You all are invited to visit Brazil, especially Amazon that's is the place where I live. You are all very welcome. If you visit Amazon I promisse that 10 days here will make your mental health replenish to 1000%
  5. ConnectX is awesome. I personally use it to stream my 4TB games library from NAS to Xbox. The only problem I think should be fixed in Aurora 0.7b is about multi disc automatic swap. It simply does not work when using ConnectX.
  6. Aurora 0.7b looks terrifyingly awesome ! I really hope Aurora 0.7b can properly handle multi-disc games (auto disc swap) through ConnectX. Currently, in order to have multi-disc auto swap working, I have to copy all multi-disc games from the network share to either a local internal or external hard drive. I recall from reading somewhere that such improvement would be part of Aurora 0.7b. #aurorarocks
  7. Hello brothers, I'm using Aurora 0.6b and when I activate any title update on Red Dead Rendemption (Standard Edition, Title ID 5454082B, Media ID 2AAB34E2), it looks like Aurora deactivates another Title Update that was active in the other Red Dead Rendemption (Undead Nightmare Edition, Title ID 5454082B, Media ID 5B48AF70) The opposite is also true, so that if I activate a given title update on Red Dead Rendemption Undead Nightmare version, Aurora deactivates the title update that was active in the standard version. Each game has its own folder and Aurora recognizes and plays properly each of them. The only strange thing is that I can't have both games with active title updates. Aurora keeps only one game with active title update at a time. Note that both games have the same title ID, the only thing that differs is the Media ID and Base Version. My guess is that such issue happens because both games have the same Title ID, but I'm not 100% sure. Is this a bug ? Or am I missing some basic concept ?
  8. @anwardacosta, I can confirm the temporary solution above works. The same error happened to me before and it was solved the same way.
  9. Hi. I have just managed to solve this issue. Here are the steps for those having the same problem: Initially I converted from XEX to GOD by using ExISO but it did not work. So I found a youtube video where a guy suggested to convert from XEX to GOD by using 360mpGUI-v1.5. That´s what I did. 1 - Converted from XEX to ISO by using 360mpGUI-v1.5 2 - I took the ISO and converted to GOD by using the ISO2GOD => Very important in this step: you have to select FULL ISO REBUILT in Padding options. I first tried to convert to GOD by using the NONE option but it did not work. 3 - After the game is converted to GOD, just copy to your connectx share and enjoy. Additional Tip: I really prefer using GOD instead of XEX. In the past I tried to convert some of my games from XEX to GOD by using ExISO and then ISO2GOD but some of them worked and some did not. I'm not sure, but I guess that my error in the past was to use ExISO and the option NONE in padding options inside ISO2GOD. What I did differently was to use 360mpGUI-v1.5 and Full ISO Rebuilt in some more games just for testing purposes and it seems to be working on all of them. It looks like I will spend the whole weekend converting my XEX games to GOD by using the steps above #AuroraRocks
  10. Hello guys, I tried all my best to solve this issue before asking in this forum, but I´m really stuck. I have all my games streamed to the console through ConnectX. Everything works fine, except Diablo 3: RoS. The game is in .xex format and whenever I try to start it my console simply turns off. On the other hand, if I copy the game from my ConnectX share to an external or internal HDD, the game runs fine. I also tried to convert from .xex to GOD by using ExISO to build the ISO and then Iso2God. After that I copied the GOD game to the HDD but the console also turns off when I start the game in GOD format. My kernel is the latest version and the Game's TU is active and was downloaded from XboxUnity through Aurora. I also looked at the logs but I found no information that could guide me to a potential cause. Any clues about where I should investigate ? Of course I can copy THIS game to my HDD and play it, but I really want all my games to be played from my NAS through ConnectX. Thanks a lot. #AuroraRocks
  11. Huumm I think that would be awesome ! If I could just click a buttom in Aurora and then all Aurora Assets, Game Descriptions, etc could be exported to Asset Importer format/structure, that would work very fine for my needs. Should I add this request in the other thread in this forum where people can especifically suggest features to Aurora ? Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.
  12. Hi guys, Looking at this forum, I found how the Asset Import feature works. However, I found it very painful to go for every game and provide the files in the directory structure as required by Asset Importer: Example: titlename.txt, description.txt, publisher.txt and a lot more. That would be much simpler if I could just copy the whole directory including .asset files from an existing Aurora instalation that already has all game covers to a new aurora installation, so this new installation does not need to connect to internet to download game covers again. A temporary solution that I found is copying all aurora installation files to a new Xbox and them edit the database in order to change game paths to reflect the new installation. I found it less time consuming but I still think that copying .asset files instead of creating many .txt files is the way to go. Am I missing something? or the way I described above is a good path to quickly copy assets from an existing Aurora installation to a new one ? #AuroraRocks
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