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  1. Ok thanks alot mate, will do!
  2. Hi, yes it downloads all the covers and such completely fine. The problem is, when I add new games and it scans, it redownloads everything again even the games that had covers/TUs. All the artwork is exactly the same. So all I need to do is reboot to get rid of it? Quite a pain considering it downloads 400+ items each time I add new games, before I can reboot it lol.
  3. Thanks a lot for the theme, just put it and it looks amazing! Great work DR3AM!
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could have a clue what could be wrong with FSDs libary. Sorry I'm very new to RGH since I only got it last week. I have installed the normal stuff, FSD3 latest and Dashlunch. I have my paths setup correctly and can play games no problems at all, not checked disk swap yet so will run into that when it happens. But right now when I transfer my JTAG rips to my external HDD, not always but every now and again it will redownload every game cover in my libary and I'll have multiple covers in there for nearly every game and it also brings back the covers of the multi disks that I hid(move>>no selection). Anyone know what could be the problem & solution to what I have? Many thanks in advance.
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