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  1. Hello everyone

    I searched around the internet for quite some time but wasn't able to find anything helpful.So I hope that one of you guys is kind enough to help me with this. How do I create my own skins for aurora with music backgrounds animations and all that stuff. And I don't mean changing my skin I really want to create my own one and upload it here if I and up being happy with it.


    I really hope one of you guys can help me thanks in advance

  2. Hey guys

    I've been instaling a lot of original xbox Games on my modded 360 lately and all of them were working perfectly fine except for supermonkeyball deluxe.I installed The Game using filezilla as usual. After The installation had finished I started the game ,the original Xbox sign showed up but than instead of starting the game the Xbox just showed me a screen with my saving devices such as hdd1 and memory card.I also noticed that The Game had 2 xbe files in its folders one of them named xbe and the other one xbe patched so I tried starting the game only using the patched one but I ended up with the same results.I hope one of you guys can help me Thanks in advance!

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