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  1. How can i change the FSD location? Can i use the file/folder manager in FSD to copy it to external hdd? Actually all my games are stored in external hdd. Thanks for the suggestion. I will do it if there is no way for me to change the download path for the covers from internal storage to external hdd. You're absolutely right. But how can i know which one I'm using (Corona or Trinity)?
  2. Hi, I'm new here and i would like to seek for advise. I bought a jtag xbox 360 with FSD pre installed in the 4g internal HDD. And I also got a 1 TB external HDD with 90+ games in it. I connect the external HDD to the XBOX360 and download all the coverart,covers and it save in the internal HDD. The problem is the internal HDD now is full and I have still plenty of games without cover. May i know how can i change the location of the download cover from internal to external HDD?
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