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  1. AleXXXv1

    Content folder

    TU established, but the DLC did not work...
  2. AleXXXv1

    Content folder

    I have downloaded from the internet 3 TU c http://marketplace.jqe360.com for Mortal Kombat. Checked them out, they are suitable for MediaID, XM-360 sees them. But when I click on the game Y, then in the Title Update, they are not displayed, DLC and do not work.
  3. AleXXXv1

    Content folder

    And where they need to be activated? On the other games TU downloaded and put.
  4. AleXXXv1

    Content folder

    Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for some reason does not load the TU. DLC threw in USBMU0: content 0000000000000000 575207FD 00000002 DLC checked through the XM-360. They are unlocked. In what could be the problem?
  5. AleXXXv1

    Content folder

    How to configure the dashboard to all the DLC were taken from a specified folder? Written anywhere that DLC need to download a hdd :/ content/0000000000000000 but I have no hdd, I have only folders: Flash, Game, OnBoardMU, SysExt, Usb0, USBMU0, USBMUCache0. I have a Content folder in the OnBoardMU, SysExt, Usb0 Xbox360 (partition created XBox 360 for the saves). I tried to throw off DLC in all Content folders, all useless.
  6. I have the exact same problem. Please share the key, it does not see my
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