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  1. Figured as much. I was really hoping there'd be a way to do this for Mame though, since that's where most of the games I'm interested are at. If anyone knows if this is somehow possible on Mame360, lemme know!
  2. Well, my first crack at this and I'm already a bit stuck. I'm looking for a way for Mame360 to boot directly into a rom when Mame360 starts. Can't seem to find anything in the mame.ini or another config file to get that to work.
  3. I'm doing this for a racing arcade cab, so I'm not looking at adding hundreds of games. Maybe a dozen... twenty at the most. Plenty of HDD space to do that.
  4. Yes, it is very inefficient, but right now the only way to accomplish what I'm going for. Adding a dozen retro games through mame into a seamless menu is worth wasting 200-300 MB of space. We'll see if I can actually pull it off though.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate you guys looking into it and considering adding it as a feature in an upcoming release. In the meantime, I will try the multiple-folder workaround discussed above. If it works for me I'll update in case others want to try the same. BTW, Aurora is a nice front end suitable for use in an arcade machine. Clean and simple. Just pick your game. Lots of great arcade racers run natively on the 360 (Daytona, Outrun, Sega Rally, etc.) which is why I'm building my arcade racing can around it. Would be awesome to add a few more retro racers too, running from Mame. I'll see if I can get it to work in Aurora...
  6. Anyone know if it's possible to autoboot a rom in mame360, mupen64-360, etc?
  7. That's an interesting idea! There's probably only about a dozen games I'd like to do this with. So maybe I could accomplish this by having multiple folders with copies of mame, each with one rom in the rom folder, then autostart the specific rom in each case (assuming that's possible). Could I then customize the name and cover image for the multiple instances of mame so that they appear as different games?
  8. Newbie here. I am setting up Aurora as the dashboard in an Xbox racing arcade cabinet. Love it so far, btw. I am wondering if there is a way to launch a specific rom for an emulator directly from the main Aurora screen. For example, I'd like Chase HQ or Pole Position (Mame roms) and Mario Kart (n64 rom) to have covers in the cover flow next to my Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. I've seen info on selecting roms from the rom browser in the game content menu, but nothing about placing roms as one of the cover flow selections. Would be nice to have all available games (regardless of whether they are launched from an emulator or not) available in a single menu. My apologies of this has been covered before.
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