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  1. the connection i got is fine to play multiplayer and no lagging and never used cheats but ok as swizzy said user room user rules.
  2. gamertag: seeker games codbo2, halo4, cod ghost etc
  3. but isnt it unfair to kick any one without a reason if some one playing fair then he should be allowed to play and create games for others?
  4. hello guys, i have created a game and played many maps and modes of bo2 but then there was a message appeared on screen that you are kicked from room and i cant join room again why?
  5. read other posts bro disable rss feed in freestyle plugin of aurora or fsd and everything will be good i had same issue just disabled rss feed and now everything is working great.
  6. Thanks gavin its a relief that nothing is wrong with the console and its settings and keep it up guys this site and your services are great thanks for that.
  7. i am using aurora i have also tried FSD but same thing and yes covers downloading is working on aurora.
  8. but system link is up now i can see the rooms but after joining the system link i can see the rooms but after 4 to 5 seconds console shut offs any idea any one?
  9. Hello guys,I am new to the site this site helped me alot with all my other problems but i cant find a solution for this problem i dont know if this is a right section for the problem sorry for that in advance. I have a xbox 360 elite corona rgh2 with aurora 0.6 and dashlaunch 3.14 and i am on 17150 dash. I was playing fine before on system link some times link made console shutting off when ever i press on system link and try to join a room but now it is happening every time in gow3/judgment, codbo2,codmw3,cod ghost. I can play fine offline but when ever trying to join a room console shuts off and can any one tell me good settings of dashlaunch. I have changed the router and after that it keeps shutting down every thing is passed on freestyle system link plugin in aurora the router is zyxel amg1312-t10b.Thanks.
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