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  1. Where is the LiNK?

    No, I got version 0.5 from this site, then update it to 0.6 from the console. And the freestyle plugin is just gone. I install it back manually, now it appears on the plugin menu, set to active, all the thing inside are set. And still the same problem: System link doesnt appear on guide menu. I tried restart, reboot, still the same. It will work if I booted to FSD 1st then go to Aurora. But that is cheating. Also most of the time during verify check, Unity connection will failed, along with the things below it. After couple of reboots, it will all pass. Although still no system link in guide menu.
  2. Where is the LiNK?

    That is strange, because I updated from 0.5, it should have freestyleplugin.xex in it. But now it's just gone. I copied one from FSD and now its working. Thank you
  3. Where is the LiNK?

    Hello. I'm new to the Aurora after using FSD for years. And I'm using 0.6 version. I've setup my router for LiNk play according to tutorial posted here. But when I play Gears of War Judgement, There is no Link option available in guide menu. But when I use FSD, it's there. And it's working perfectly. AM I missing something I need to have Link in Aurora? Also with this new version, there is no "verify link settings" option,