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  1. the first time you can only use the whole thing via the guide menu until the LW shows DVD with mixed media. then you select a game, then you can only insert the respective game using the eject head on the xbox. It is exactly the same, even if there is already a game in the LW virtually, you have to eject the game again using the eject button in order to be able to insert another one. In the FSD3 you can control everything like in the official dash without having to get up to press the ejection button on the xbox
  2. yes I know how to do it. It's about that if I want to insert another game I first have to press the eject head on the xbox because ejecting is not possible via the guide menu if there is a dvd with mixed media in the LW I'll make a video tomorrow so that you can understand my English reads badly because I use a translator.
  3. can you tell me how to find the thread of suffering to open this option. I don't know where to find or activate them kannst du mir sagen wie ich den leidfaden finden kann um diese Option zu öffnen. ich weiss nicht wo ich diese finden oder aktivieren kann 0000000020220110201801720.bmp
  4. the aurora team has created a beautiful dashboard with their work dashboard. My question is whether it is possible to integrate a tab or channel into the dashboard so that you don't have to press the eject button on the xbox to insert another game. I am using an Xkey.
  5. i have a little question for the team. it would be possible that you add a channel or tab where the drive is selectable. i use an xkey in my xbox. I think it's stupid that you have to use the eject button to insert another game.
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