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  1. I understand. It will be much appreciated if you do.
  2. What programming language would I have to learn to be able to program this script. I don't really have programming experience but can maybe learn some basics. There is a purpose even though the time will not be current it will keep time moving forward from 12:00 AM on 11/22/2015 instead of going backwards and messing up saves order. If I can't, I may just have leave my suggestion here for the Dashlaunch Dev, after all this the forum he mentioned in the readme to leave suggestions for him/her. PS. I have switched to Aurora, will see how I like it by using it for a bit.
  3. Ok, I must be confused because from the previous posts the time update wouldn't be possible in aurora because the settime() code isn't implemented in the main code yet. So there is no way for anyone to write a script until that will be done. The next Aurora update may not come soon and is probably months away. I gotta go sleep now, will see tommorow.
  4. Thank You for your time in doing this I really appreciate it but don't you find it weird that this topic got to this. I mean even if you remove the covers it wasn't why I made this topic. LOL. Also like you said it won't be possible to have a fake date update because you already asked the devs and they didn't implement that date feature.
  5. Agreed but it happens every time and it would solve a problem that users other then my self have for example in Final Fantasy 13 the saves are sorted by most current date and if other users don't change the date they would have the same problem. About 2 years ago I last used Aurora, would that make it like version 0.3 or 0.4? I didn't like that I couldn't find a skin that disabled the covers and I wanted it to boot to a menu to select games by a list. Also I was so used to everything being nice and seperated in FSD, if I remember correctly Aurora had Emulators, Games, XboxOriginal, XBLA all lumped together.
  6. It is weird that this topic got off topic, I was making a suggestion to developers to make DashLaunch better since it has a fakelive feature already but then people started talking about other dashboards. I never said I wouldn't change my dashboard but there is no point in me changing to Aurora that is inferior for my use right now, in fact I said "I have no problems switching to Aurora if it improves". I never said that I wouldn't change. Lastly I am concious of waste, we live in wasteful society we can have a discussion about that but then we will get more off topic.
  7. I will have to try it out the new versions sometime, is the coverflow that takes the coverflow off the screen included in the standard install or is it a different coverflow that I have to download? Peak is $0.20 per hour, mid-day is $0.15, and at night $0.10, so $0.15 is the correct average with the chart above the cost would be $17 per month on idle. I have a job and it doesn't pay that well, have you thought that people may have a condition that prevents people from getting a higher paying job, it is kind of offensive to make such comments. I also never had no problems, freezes crashes with FSD in years but also have no problems switching to Aurora if it improves.
  8. No the default FSD list skin still shows the covers in the panels to the side of the list, it also would show a description. My skin that I found just shows the first panel with the list and no covers and icons and description. I couldn't find anything like that for Aurora for offline users. If Aurora did implement a fake time on boot then I guess I would have to put in a request for list only mode for Aurora for offline users that don't want the covers to show. Edit: Damn, I didn't know the brick uses that much, so at $0.15 per kw that is $64 a month. I am happy I have it on a power bar to turn it off Edit2: Actually no the power brick is just 200w, so $22 per month of power usage, still a good savings in a year if you are poor.
  9. Well it is a waist of electricity to have the console plugged in all the time with all the other devices draining power 24/7. I have my console booting to FSD 3 on boot, so to change the time I have to always go back to 360 dashboard and change the time and then reload the FSD which is a waste because accurate time isn't really essential, not that I am lazy to do it. I didn't like Aurora last time I used it, for FSD I got a custom skin that just lists the games and it looks good because it doesn't require any covers taking up space on a small HDD. For Aurora you get the error message that shows the covers not loaded and found. If the feature I requested was implemented in DashLaunch the same way FakeLive is implemented or even as DashLaunch plugin users could use any dash they wanted because DashLaunch is loaded before the dash board.
  10. ​ ​ I have a older console with no wifi in a room with no physicial cable for internet access for it to update and sync the time from a server. When off it is turned off from a power bar to conserve electricity along with all other electronics connected to it. I don't care about getting accurate time, the problem is for games that order save files by date. Every time the console comes on the date becomes 11/22/2005 and a new save would be ordered last from the date. ​ ​Can an option be added to dashlaunch so that on startup it reads a txt file from the hard drive with the date and sets the time as that date + adds a day to the file so that on next startup it boots one day ahead? Boot 1 will be 11/22/2005 then adds 1 day and the file contents are 11/23/2005 for next boot. Boot 2 will be 11/23/2005 then adds 1 day and the file contents are 11/24/2005 for next boot and so forth. ​ This would fix games with saves that get ordered by date.
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