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  1. This post more aimed at Felida, have spoen with you before and tried your retro arch, it had much more functionality than any other out there but i found it to be a bit clunky o umped with a nice user friendly one, the only problem is that it doesnt support save states, i have a customer that needs this, i am back looking at your retro arch but there seems to be a a good few posts on it but i am not sure i am getting your latest release, can nyone assist me in getting the best working one. Cheers.
  2. i went ahead and wrote the key to the nand that i thought was the correct drive and its working now. Now i can send the updated nand to the customer i sold the other console to. Thanks felida, a great help as usual.
  3. Best way forward I think, get the DVD drive key from the nand from console 1 and write it into a new hacked image for nand on console 2, I'm sure there is more than just copying the DVD key amd pasting it in ?...do I need to do anything else, are there other variables I have to copy over ? If the drives are now lock, would I still be able to read it ? If I can read it and see the key them I would be able to cross reference with the nand and know 100% I have put the wrong drive in
  4. The drives are the same, both are slim trinities. I thought about just changing the drives keys to reflect what's on the nand, but didn't miscrosoft updates lock the firmware on the same drives ? It's been years since I flashed a drive, still have the equipment to do it but will have to read up on it. Light be better to change the band's, the console I shipped I have the nands and extract files
  5. So, i have two consoles which have both been RGH'd, ones been shipped out, (console 1) and the other, (console 2) i still have here, i put a game into console 2 and it just asks to play DVD which makes me beleive i got the wrong drive in. I have the nands dumps and extracts etc of both consoles to hand, what i am thinking is to open console 1 updflash.bin in xexbuildGUI and copy the DVD key, then open up console 2 updflash.bin in xexbuildGUI and paste the DVD i got from console 1 into it and created a new hacked image. Would this work ? and do i need to copy any other values and paste them in as well ?. If the person i shipped console 1 to complains that the drive isnt reading discs, i could do the same and send him an updated image to flash to his console. Moved from tutorial section, coz its here a better place for your thread ! Dr.Gonzo.
  6. dash update 17544 out, another pointless update ?..is this forum still alive ?..except you @felida
  7. Just heard this, awaiting new xexbuild, anyone know what the update does ? Moved from Aurora Support Forum to here, coz its here bettter in place & threads merged ! Dr.Gonzo.
  8. I have experimented with a few mame ports for the RGH xbox, I have a really good romset that work on MAME72 port, the only problem with it is, when you want to come out of a game and select another, there is no way to do it, you have to restart aurora and start mame again, ver, very annoying, i tried the retroarch version, i love the functionality of it but it is very clunky looking, not polished like the other, when you try to select a menu item, instead of highligting, its just flickers, its really hard to see where you are, also, it doesnt give a cover on the cover flow..finally i tried MAME360, i love and use the SNES360 and GENESIS360 and they work very well, the MAME360 ilooks very good but unfortunatley it doesnt work with my romset and i dont really want to go scouring for another romset for it I guess i am just being a bit fussy, i would love it if a 'return to menu' button press could be applied to MAME72 and i would stick with it. i have tried revision 8 of this port for the RGH but it doesnt seem to still let you go back to game selection menu from within a game .can anyone suggest anything else ?
  9. Is it possible to install aurora and dash launch to the 4gb module, this box doesn't have a HDD, for the life of me I can't see the MU showing up in xexmenu
  10. worked for me to, good call and thanks
  11. yes, it worked, not sure which one lol...i renamed the roms2 folder, i dont see how that is any difference to the way i mapped it, i think its more to do with the device rather than the path..ie, hdd instead of hdd1, what you think ? i had not changed the game:\ device previously, was always looking at the hdd but i think game:\ refers to the roms folder RomsPath0 = game:\roms\A-J RomsPath1 = game:\roms\K-Z RomsPath2 = usb1:\roms RomsPath3 = hdd1:\roms\A-J RomsPath4 = hdd:\roms\K-Z RomsPath5 = hdd:\roms\A-J RomsPath6 = hdd1:\roms\K-Z
  12. No, didnt try that, there was no mention of adding those parameters anywhere, trust me i have thousands and thousands of them, i wittled them down as well, getting rid of many clones...the main folder does contain some bioses, not sure whter they are needed or not but i left them in
  13. loady

    View HDD on pc

    Ha, you learn something new every day, thought it was Other Poster, yeah, him, over there
  14. I have mame running fine, however, i have about 7gb of ROMS, they will not go into one ROMS folder, so i made a second folder, ROMS2, for the life of me i have tried every option in the mame.ini to get it to see the second folder, the roms in the default mame roms folder are the one that show up in game, roms in roms2 folder do not, i have tried putting another roms folder inside roms, i tried editing the ini file...cant get it to see the second folder...any ideas ? the default dirs are... RomsPath0 = game:\roms RomsPath1 = usb0:\roms RomsPath2 = usb1:\roms RomsPath3 = hdd1:\roms ive tried... adding another path RomsPath4 = hdd1:\roms2........... didnt work RomsPath3 = hdd1:\roms;roms2 ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@ ftp://xboxftp@
  15. loady

    View HDD on pc

    What the OP looked like he had was a way in which he could attached the xbox hdd to the internal/external/esata..whatever sata on his PC, also on his PC he would have a hdd full of folders of RGH extracted games, select which games he wants to put on the xbox hdd..drag and drop and leave it be....the velocity software looked like it allowed that, but i cant get it to do anything like the his pictures suggested. so i dont want to transfer 30/40gb of games via FTP...i dont want to transfer by USB..i want to do it on my PC over the sata bus..thats all
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