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  1. yes, but you cant leave it held down, it moves one line only, so release thumb down, do it again....over a thousand time on certain disks. a select all function would be better
  2. You can also pull the trigger and it will scroll a page but it will only select one file each page scroll whilst holding down select, the way suggest is the way I have been doing it, which is fine but when you have over a thousand files on the root of the disc not in a folder it takes ages
  3. I am creating an xbox RGH extracted games archive, i have come across quite a few games with 100's of files on the root of the disc, the last one was 1141 files i had to check each file to enable copy, would it be an easy addition to make a select all option in file manager. Whilst writing this i just thought, can i check the DVD drive for copy as opposed to going in the root ?..not in front of xbox to try this.
  4. yes, and the 4gb module in trinity consoles is seen as a usb device
  5. Solved, i think there is a limitation on the amount of storage devices that can be attached to the xbox at one time, it just so happens this console is a trinity with the 4gb storage module which shows up as your storage device, i had also left my usb stick in the front port, this is when the usb hdd was plugged in, when i removed the stick and rebooted, the usb hdd showed up, i tested this on a retail trinity console and the same applied.
  6. i have a 2TB HDD that i had formatted to FAT32 via windows, im assuming that its the same FAT32 that the xbox would format to ?, when i plug it into the xbox it is not picked up by aurora, nor does the microsoft dash and also it doesnt prompt to format it, i have also tried with another drive without success, i need to be have a hdd i can store extracted games on that i can swap between the pc and the xbox
  7. loady

    extracting discs

    ok, i have numerous xbox drives, im sure i could hook one up. So using the console to rip the games to external, does that result in the format that xbox backup creator does ?, obviously i would need to be aware of dual discs games that need extracting in a certain way and fed to the console, ie, GTA5
  8. i want to create my own xbox 360 readable usb drive with extracted isos ready to dump straight to console, i vaugely remember using a pc to do this to extract the discs to iso's, i have tried xbc, imgburn, dvd extractor, most will start to read but only takes seconds to complete so something is up there..am i missing something, do i need to use a special drive to be able to use the software to extract the disc ?, currently i have a desk top with a dvd drive and have also tried a plug in usb slim dvd drive...any pointers ?
  9. I used to use xbox back up creator to rip xbox discs, i have the last known version but i keep getting cant determine disc with it, i guess it wasnt updated to support the later game, i dont know. I want to create a hard drive of RGH ready games, i have a few iso's to work with but my issue is the numerous discs i dont have the isos for, i want to rip them and then extract them to store of HDD ready to transfer directly to xboxes, i have access to xbins, whats the best method going forward ?
  10. how do I go about setting up the unreleased netiso stuff ?
  11. that's correct, and most extracted images are larger than 4gb, its a shame the xbox cant be made to see NTFS, I looked at other option, like ExFAT but not much better, the xbox ethernet is a bottle neck...what I am looking to do now is keep the extracted images on a NTFS drive connect to my PC via SATA and then have a hot swap drive bay that I can plug the xbox hdd drive into via SATA, I should get blistering speed transfer across the SATA interface
  12. Yer cool, let me know, maybe it its my rom, I can try and upload it here. I re-look at the retro arch, however, I must say I like the standalone ones I have, especially SNES and megadrive emus, they have neat back ground music and cool frontends...very polished.
  13. god knows what romsets I have, I think a mixture, my working version of mame is based on mame 0.72, I like it because it gives a cover on the cover flow, however, the retroarch functionality is great, getting working rompacks is a royal PITA. Is it just me and you here ?, you must be sick of me
  14. could you explain why with your package, mame roms appear upside down and out of scale, they work fine in a standalone mame 360 emulator, I would like to use the retroarch
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