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  1. I've never made my own resource file and i know this is skiddy to ask but... could someone help me make my own Fresh XZP file?
  2. It's mainly just for fun really, doing stuff like this is like a small hobby to me. I'm not planning to make a service with this since i completely agree with you like what is the point? but anyways i'm mainly doing this as a hobby and for educational purposes.
  3. wait nvm, i fixed it. also can i ask you this question? it's sorta off topic. So i do a bit of 'xui modding' to the xbox 360 dashboard itself and not FSD, i've managed to make the GuideMain.xur replace with my own customized version. but it requires like all of these files http://prntscr.com/dls23s is there a way to make it still load but without all of these files? im trying to reduce the xex size lol
  4. So... im trying to load an xur called main.xur and i believe it's the plugin's one and not the skin one.
  5. So... im trying to convert one of FSD xur's to an xui. and for some reason it's giving me a 'failed to load' error. is there an xml exenstion that im missing? Please let me know thanks!
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