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  1. Its just a game backup, not a purchased game off the dashboard so it didn't let me transfer it over to my usb. Everything is done now. Thanks again Swizzy
  2. Yeah, I figured. Thanks for the response man!
  3. I have MW3 installed on my retail consoles hard drive, I can no longer install the disc as it is very scratched. I am going to plug my retail hard drive into my RGH and transfer MW3 to a USB using Aurora. I am also using an offline profile to transfer the content. My question is will any data that is recognized as homebrew or unsigned code be put on my retail hard drive and put my retail at risk? I am going to clear the cache for good measure. Again I am not accessing anything except XeX Menu to Launch Aurora, then navigating to HDD1/Content/0000000000000000/415608CB in the file manager to copy it to my USB. Thanks.
  4. My freestyle plugin will load fine when I have the following plugins: But when I add a GTA V Mod menu plugin: The Freestyle plugin doesn't load. Now is this because the Freestyle plugin needs the 5th slot to load or is it because of the GTA V plugin itself. And is there a way around this so I don't have to keep editing the launch.ini? It's not too big of a deal but I would appreciate some feedback. Thank you!
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