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  1. I did everything... Clear data contets ... rescan... but nothing works =/"make sure you have all the latest tu's", what is "tu's" ????
  2. 90% of my games R stopping working... Appears "Fatal Crash Intercepted" and then back to FSD or the game crash 100% and then just back if I turn off and on the Xbox... I... a very stupid guy ... I was trying to do some things... Reinstall fsd, and others... also I formatted the internal HD, I think it was my great mistake... Now besides the crashes, lost all avatars original.. Now don't exist avatars ... Just Resident Evil ORC works fine... I don't know why ..FIFA 13 crash 100% (need turn off xbox)FarCry3 appears "Fatal Crash Intercepted"...Tomb Raider 2013 need turn off... What should I do? And... sorry for my English >_< Kernel: 16203
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