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  1. I can't remember if I tried 17150 on my phat but the spoofed 17489 version work perfectly fine on my 16mb jasper "phat".
  2. The latest "official" release is 510 which is dash 17150, but also 17511/17526 are floating around which is dash 17489 spoofed to those versions. I use 17526 and only difference I noticed from the"official" 17150 release is it will hang if you want to go to the stock dash, but you can type the command "gh" in kdnet which will ignore the exception and continue to the dash. I haven't tried a internal 2tb drive(guess you mean tb not gb?) but my external 2tb drive works with rgloader no problem. If you need any help setting it up let me know.
  3. Is this a possibility? as it rarely does it with xell.
  4. I have tried everything, different chip, re wired and re routed 4 times, created a new nand flash through j-runner/xebuild with and without cr4 smc and with and without nohdmipatch, onbaord oscilator and c pad to stby clk, It all gives the same result xell boots 99.9% with zero issues but booting freeboot is hit and miss. the chip stops flashing like its glitched but no boot https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxGUz27XyYU7eGVjREN0QmhLd1U Thanks for the replys, this one has me beat, The 2nd chip I tried was a matrix v1 out of a falcon I purchased and that console boots every time without fail only difference is that one has 2 shielded cables,cant remember the exact points they were used on.
  5. Just done a rgh 1.2 on a jasper 16mb, It boots in 1 - 2 glitches every time but the problem is 50% of the time it fails to boot, The blue led on the matrix flashes then turns off like its glitched but no spinning green lights and a black screen. If I hit reset it may boot or it may not there seems to be no rhythm it just happens, I have rewired it 3 times trying slightly different roots, Have tried 30awg kynar (still used thicker wire on the ground/vcc) and thicker wire, with and without the dvd drive, In/out the cage still the same random non boots. Could it be the chip? I will get pictures up soon,Have had it apart 3 times today so sick of looking at it. I have removed the 0 ohm resistor from the get go and using the c pad to the alt clk point All points are 100% correct for rgh 1.2
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