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  1. FInally figured out what was wrong. All I had to do was run xeBuild from the .rar without extracting the folder. But now yet another error that says there was an error with creating the autosave log.
  2. Nope, still the same problem. Maybe there's something wrong with my computer... *Switched to my old computer running windows XP, ran the program as admin, but it still won't open the file. WHAT AM I DOING WROOOONNGGG
  3. While the J-runner download is taking place, I've downloaded xeBuild from Mr.Gonzo, and tried again. Not sure what to do with the 'dashfiles.xml' after I've found it. And I couldn't find the system update within the extracted rar. UPDATE: The drop down menu for selecting the kernel version still only has 'custom', for the xebuild I downloaded from HC. UPDATE2: I've installed gavin_darkglider's jrunner, and had all the files pop up. Another problem, however, is that after I click on 'Create image' there is an error in the text box that reads '******ERROR: could not open 'xeBuild\17511/_glitch2.ini'
  4. My browser has blocked the download from HC, so I am unable to check from there. But the one I downloaded from this website still has the same issues as before
  5. Yes, I have. I've even tried to re-install it from the link you've provided, but still the same problem
  6. Hello! So i've been trying to update my RGH2 Xbox 360 for the past three hours. I've created a NAND dump, transfered it to my computer and proceeded to download xebuild (2.098, to be exact). I have done some research on updating it, but i seem to have a problem with the drop down menu that lets you choose the kernel versions. It only gives me an option to create a custom version, so I go ahead and enter 17511 on the side, then click "Generate hacked image'. It doesn't go very far, because it later asks me to download the version for 2.something because some files were missing (?), which i then click continue, but it then later says that the dashfile cannot be found, and to make sure it is on the list. Please help!!!
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